Amazing Kids! Magazine

Enjoyable vs. Dislikable

By Natalie Brady, Nonfiction Editor


Why is it so easy to read signs, but so difficult to read a boring textbook? Why is it so easy to read and sing along to a song, yet so difficult to read and recite a poem? What makes these things completely and utterly different from each other?

Upon first hearing the word “reading,” the usual first response is to read a book. How can we associate such a small word with merely a fragment of its meaning? One reads so much more than just a book – you are constantly reading and applying the information to your life. If that’s so, then why does one feel like work and the other feels natural?

It’s actually quite simple: it’s how you perceive it. You read signs, letters, and sing along to song lyrics everyday – it’s a part of your daily routine. When it comes to your teacher assigning you pages to read in a book or comprehending a textbook, people normally associate that with work and with having to do it, and therefore it makes it harder to read.

Simple, huh? How much do you read each day? How much do you actually enjoy reading and how much do you dread or dislike?