Amazing Kids! Magazine

Everyday Heroes, Recyclers

By Paul Ngu, Amazing Kids Adventures and Global Village Editor


In today’s world, we want to be quick and efficient in all we do so it’s easy to neglect the smaller things in life. Why bother wasting a few minutes collecting all the plastic bottles in your home to recycle when you can simply throw them right in the trash? Having to remember to collect and organize all the papers, bottles, and other recyclable items takes time, and for some of us, it’s time that can be used doing other things. It’s for this reason that my everyday heroes are those that take the time, even with their busy schedules, to help out the community, and in the case, the environment. Recyclers come in all ages and sizes – you don’t need to be a grown-up to help preserve the environment.

In my school, there’s a recycling program that allows students and teachers to recycle in a very easy manner. Green and blue boxes (one for paper, one for bottles) are located in most classrooms, so that a student or teacher with a piece of scrap paper or a used plastic bottle can just toss his or her items in the appropriate bins. The process is efficient and takes minimal time out of our daily lives; at the end of the week, the bins are collected and transported to a recycling center for disposal. Students interested in environmentalism and recycling offer to help collect the bins in each classroom. Though the process seems seamless and easy enough, the recycling program required a cooperative effort between teachers and students who saw the need for my school to begin a push for recycling.

On an individual basis, you can take small steps to make your own contributions towards recycling and environmentalism. But it’s often easier – and funnier, to preserve the environment and recycle with a group of people. That’s why communities nationwide are offering programs for groups of people to get involved in environmentalism. In areas where beaches are nearby, communities form Beach Clean-Up Days. On these days, people come together to walk in the beaches collecting debris and trash. The impact is often visible; people can see the reduced trash surrounding the oceans and the animals that are safer without the plastic and other debris that humans use and discard. One such organization is the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, which has become one of the world’s largest volunteerism program related to ocean and beach clean-up. The millions of volunteers who live in countries from over the world unite on a single day to clean the coasts of nearby oceans, lakes, and rivers. They are everyday heroes in their own right.

Everyday heroes are those who make a positive difference in the areas around them. More importantly though, these heroes are everyday people who live normal lives. They are you and me. We commend them because they take the time and the effort to do things that we don’t usually allot for in our busy lives. Recyclers worldwide, whether collaborating with school administrators to institute a school-wide recycling program, or organizing a community effort to clean up the beaches, are my everyday heroes.