Amazing Kids! Magazine

Extreme Optimism

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Column Editor


“I don’t take work written by parents,” my fourth-grade teacher told me blandly.

I had looked at her shocked and confused. “Okay…?” I said as I walked away. Writing is my passion, and I would never cheat on a school assignment. I walked back to my seat and stared at my paper. What was wrong with it? I thought. It had no over-the-top fourth-grade words; the word count was fine and reasonable. I was too scared to ask her what went wrong, but thank God the school day ended when I had those thoughts.

I went home, and I shared with my parents. They were as surprised as I was! I just played along the next day, fixed what was “too immature” of a story, and turned it in.

I was very hurt and depressed and wondered, What is wrong with my writing? All these questions and thoughts were making me depressed and unhappy. The teacher did not like my usage of inappropriate words for fourth grade. Apparently she didn’t notice students saying these words when she wasn’t listening.  I knew I had to persevere through the class and get over it.

This situation did make me unhappy, but I did not lose my confidence and passion for writing. I knew I had it in me, and my parents did, too. And here I am three years down the line; I have many published articles and stories and have had positive feedback from amazing editors and mentor friends. This was only possible because I did not give up on my passion.

In a nutshell, we all can achieve what we want by having supportive family and friends by our side and, most importantly, with our willpower to accomplish our goals.