Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Erin Barrekette, age 12, Boulder, Colorado


My family members all have different eyes. Even though my mother’s and my eyes are the same color, they are still different. My mother’s eyes are bright and excited even when they are tired. They never look sad. They are like blue skittles – not any type of blue, just candy blue. My eyes are also blue, but a different blue. They are like smoky sapphires, but sometimes they are jade. The color of my eyes changes like the wind of a storm.

My brother’s eyes are green olives sprinkled with dirt, full of faces. My father’s eyes are magical; they are opals. Sometimes they are blue, but sometimes they aren’t. Most of the time they are like Sam’s – green olives sprinkled with dirt – just darker than Sam’s. But then, they sometimes change. In the evenings they are pale windy blue, in the mornings they are chocolate brown, and then sometimes they become yellowy, green brown- like a cat’s. My father’s eyes are chameleons, but instead of changing color with their surroundings, they change color according to the light – like mirrors, like opals – no, like prisms.