Amazing Kids! Magazine

Facts about the African Elephant

By Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor with Emily Hayman, age 10

Did you ever wonder how tall an elephant is? Or how much an elephant weighs? What about how long their tusks are? How much water can an elephant carry in its trunk? What are their diets? You are about to learn all these facts, along with some more!

The African Elephant is no doubt the largest living land animal in the world – some male elephants grow to be up to thirteen feet tall! Being so large, they weigh between ten to fourteen thousand pounds! Their tusks are long teeth made of ivory that can grow up to ten feet! These tusks help the elephants to carry objects and to get food.

Elephants also have trunks, which they use to smell, eat, drink, and bathe themselves. Their trunks can hold up to three gallons of water. Their diet consists of grass, small branches, and bark from trees – they’re herbivores. Elephants spend twenty hours of the day eating.

I hope these fun and interesting facts have helped you learn more about the African Elephant!