Amazing Kids! Magazine

Family Memories

By Jessica Johnson, Contributing Writer


Memories are long lasting and are always attached with emotions. Thinking back to an embarrassing or bad memory, you just wish you could rewind time and fix it or completely get rid of the memory all together. However, when you think back to a pleasant memory you can’t help but smile or talk about it with someone who shared the experience with you. Memories are an important part of our life. Without memories, life would be boring. Imagine going on a great vacation with your family and having no memory of it. The trip might be fun at the moment but it would be even more fun to look back at it and remember exciting places you explored or yummy places you ate at. You need to dwell on the past in order to find out better things for the future, that’s why looking back at memories is an important part of being who we are.

Pictures capture these great memories. Ever wonder why pictures are worth a thousand words? Because behind each picture is a memory and each memory has a whole story behind it. Looking back at memories, we mostly remember the emotions we had and the people we were with. Can you remember a time you went with your family to an exciting place? For me, I remember when I was younger and went on a trip with my family to Disneyland. Everything was so new and exciting for me. I remember Alice from Alice in Wonderland coming up to me and walking me through the park, watching Bug Life 3D with my parents, going through a long line to go on Splash Mountain and screaming right before we reached the tip of the edge, meeting all my favorite characters and getting their autographs. Thinking back I had a great time, and because I had so much fun I wanted to relive the memory and see what new attractions and characters they had to offer. We recently ended up going again, and having a blast. It was fun to look back at places and point out what we had done before and laughing about funny moments we remembered. This time we went on Tower of Terror, and more. When I was younger, I was terrified of going on California Screamin but I finally gained the courage to do so when I came again. It felt like an accomplishment to get over my fear. Going back again made me realize that although I had grown up; going to Disneyland still made me feel like a little kid all over again.

Even the smallest memories that last for a few seconds may have a lasting impact on you. It doesn’t have to be a theme park, or vacation that makes an impression on you. It could be the first time you aced that math test or the first time you learned to ride a bike. Either way, memories bring us together with the people we love and help us find out ways to set up our future.