Amazing Kids! Magazine

Fear of the Sea

By Marlo Santoro


It was a bright, sunny day filled with laughter and fun; the smell of the salty sea made everyone excited. As soon as we got our swimsuits on, we sprinted to the beach and jumped right into the waves. The waves were rushing towards our faces, but we went under just in time. The water was the perfect temperature, and we could see all of the sea life around us.

As we looked, the saltwater went into our eyes, and it felt as if someone poured lemon juice all over my face. All of a sudden, I saw that there was a school of fish that was swimming right by us; there were at least 100 of them. Then suddenly something was different. We quickly rose to the top of the water; the breeze pushed the waves across our faces.

I quickly looked underwater and watched the fish bolt away; then I glanced to my right to see that there was a shadow-like figure rushing towards us. Squinting as hard as I could, I finally recognized the mysterious animal—a shark! Out of nowhere, fear struck my heart, and I was in shock; my mind went blank with fear. Swimming as fast as I could, I slashed through the water. The moment I caught sight of my brother, I warned him about the shark. Ian skimmed the water searching for the shark; as soon as he saw the shark, he smiled and went right under to the floor of the deep blue. New terrible thoughts developed in my mind; I thought of all of the dreadful things that could happen to him and how I might not ever see him again. I recalled watching all of those shark documentaries late at night. So many people suffered shark attacks and could never accomplish their dreams; I thought of how they struggle every day or how families have lost their kids and parents. My heart was beating so fast, I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. I stood with fear, not able to move; it felt as if the sand were grabbing my feet and trying to take me under.

All of a sudden, I could see a break in the water. My heart stopped; I saw that it was Ian. Adrenaline rushed into my body, and all that I could think about was whether Ian was okay or not. I went to the water rushing to see if he was okay; my face was gleaming with joy. Ian had a smile on his face, and then he started to laugh at me; I thought that he was going crazy. Suddenly, he took me underwater and grabbed my hand. Questioning what he was doing, I did not realize that we were right next to the shark. All of a sudden, he grabbed my hand and put it on the shark’s back. The skin had a silk-like feel to it. I could no longer feel the fear; I could only feel fascinated by the amazing creature. I soon realized that if I face my fears, I can witness the most mesmerizing moments in life, and to not let fear control me.