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Finding a Home

By Natalie Brady, Jr Assistant Editor


My family is not a very large one, but it can definitely feel that way when we’re all jam-packed into the same house. Especially when all you can hear is “WHAT?!” as my beloved relatives are trying to tell their own stories while listening to other people’s… all at the same time. I don’t know how they do it – that shows you just how scatter-brained we all are. Each and every one of us can barely get through a sentence without getting distracted by something. Maybe it’s just in the blood.

Whenever we’re all in the same house, we have a blast. But let me tell you, when the time comes for everyone to disperse and go their own separate ways – at that point I’m ready to curl up and do nothing for hours. I quite enjoy the silence once everyone leaves and it’s just my parents and me along with my two darling cats. Our different families all live in different cities, as well, so it always seems like the town quiets down along with our house.

Until now, that is.

Yes, until now, my parents, cats and I have lived a nice, peaceful little life in our little town. Until now. Have I mentioned the words ‘until now’? They’re actually very important words. This past Thanksgiving, when my house was all of a sudden full of the loveable ruckus I enjoy calling my ‘family’, we did more than just eat turkey. We went shopping on Black Friday, like a lot of other people did. Except, we didn’t just go to the mall and other little stores – our main mission? Apartments.

Yes. My grandparents would like to move down here.

There goes my peacefulness…

Of course I’m only kidding. Love them to death, can’t wait for them to be here, but just wondering what it will be like…

Anyway, the main reason for writing this article is to inform all of you readers about good strategies for finding a home for your loved ones.

There are many different options to choose from when looking for a home for your loved ones – specifically, I’ll be looking at the different options for grandparents, since this is where I am getting my information from. As I was saying, there are many different options and choices to choose from. I will be looking at three in particular: senior homes, apartments, and houses.

I’ll start with senior homes. Senior homes are, in my opinion, quite great. They provide a nice, comfortable atmosphere and you are assured there will be little funny business. At senior homes, your grandparents will be given all the necessary items plus entertainment. This was one of the first places we looked for my grandparents. However, there are some downsides: cost. The ones we saw were quite expensive, and more than my grandparents were willing to spend…so, onto the next option!

The next option is apartments. Apartments are rather nice; they sum up a house into just a few rooms. They’re almost like a smaller house, but the other rooms and floors outside of your room are other rooms that belong to other people – like your neighbors. Apartments can be quite nifty – if you get the right one. If you’re looking at an apartment, make sure it’s a good space. If it seems comfortable enough to fit the belongings you want to be in there, that’s a good sign. However, that’s not the only you should use to determine whether or not to buy the apartment. Also look at cost. I would highly suggest the cars surrounding the apartment. My family and I found this spiffy little apartment complex with one available, and my grandparents were all set to buy when we looked at the cars…let’s just say they seemed a bit sketchy. We moved on to the next option.

The next, and final option we looked at for my grandparents were houses. We looked at houses all throughout the area: big ones, small ones, etcetera. Most seemed nice – spacious, comfortable…but the neighborhoods were not. When buying a house you cannot only look at the house: like an apartment, you must look at the cost and the surroundings (particularly the neighborhood). Some houses we saw were very nice, but the neighborhoods were just plain crummy. And therefore, we moved on from that house and to the next.

After a long time of searching, my family and I were starting to doubt a bit. What if we were never going to find a place for my grandparents to live? No worries – we did. Between Christmas and New Year’s my family came down and they did some more searching. My grandparents found a house they liked, in a nice neighborhood, and bid on it. What do you know? On came New Year’s Day and…well. They pretty much bought a house.

Hope you enjoyed these helpful tips!