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Fly, Baby Bird, Fly!

By Jeremy Franco, Age 11, California


Have you ever saved a human or an animal? If so, you can understand my story.

One super sunny summer day, my tall older sister Jessica and I were outside playing catch. She had dark chocolate brown hair, and eyes.  Even though she was a little dull like a female bird, she always had a smile on her face. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. You could hear the birds chirping My mom was coking rice and beans. When my sister and I came inside, my mom let me try some of her food.

“This is delicious,” I said, when I tasted the salty small bits of rice.

“Wow,” said Jessica.

We both asked if we could have more, but my mom said, “You both can’t get any until lunch.”

“Aw man,” we both said at the same time, so we went outside with some water bottles.

We carried so many I said to myself, “I am Poseidon.”

After that, I noticed the neighbors were having a family picnic. The grill smelled fantastic with the rest of the food:  Taquitos, tacos, steak, and salad. I thought that it was way too hot to be having a grill, but they still kept on eating, talking, and playing. My sister and I agreed to offer them some water bottles, so they could refresh themselves.

They said, “Thank you!”

We said, “You’re welcome!”

Then unexpectedly, they offered us juicy fresh steak. We said, “Thank you!” and went home.

It was  almost lunch, and it wasn’t that hot anymore. My mom took a break from cooking and told us if we wanted to collect some tomatoes, so we went to our back yard to my dad’s little garden where he grows cucumbers and tomatoes. Since my dad’s tomato garden is organic, they tasted wonderful.  When we got there, each of us got a big red tomato.

When I took a bite of mine, I said, “The flavor of this tasty tomato is heaven.”

Then my sister took a bite of her tomato. “This is very bitter!” said my sister with a bitter face.

Then I said, “It probably wasn’t ready to be eaten.”

We all laughed at her, and then she started to laughed. When we were ready to go inside to our surprise, we found a baby chick on the floor being eaten by ants. Its eyes seem to be saying, “Help me.” We quickly rescued it and took it our warm, healthy home. We came through the backdoor. It leads to our dark garage, and that lead to the kitchen. It was warm, so the baby chick must have felt better.

We took away all the ants, and washed it. It did not have many feathers, it was a little chubby, and it was as pink as cotton candy. For some reason it did not open its eyes. We fed it small, salty yet tasty, pieces of rice. My mom put them on my hand, so the baby chick could eat it. Because its eyes almost closed instead of eating the salty yet delicious rice, it bit my hand. I almost screamed because it kept on biting me. Although it bit me, I did not freak out. We all laughed like hyenas. It kept on biting me for about two minutes.

After we all sighed like sloths sleeping, we thought it was over, but we had one last problem in our hands. We did not know were the baby chicks nest was. We searched all around, but we could not find it. We noticed that it started to sprinkle. It felt like soft hugs. Soon, my big sister found the nest, but we did not have a ladder to help it. It turned out my tall dad had it in his truck. He had to come back to let us borrow it. It took a while, because my dad’s truck was more than eleven years old, and it bounced allot. We got a little mad because my dad took a while to get home from work.

I hoped that the rain would not fall as fast as gun bullets. Since my dad was coming, we all looked at the weather. We were surprised that the rain will get heavier in a while.

“Oh no!” we all said at the same time.

Then, at the last moment like in a cartoon, my dad got home just in time. We were all happy; we all jumped around our backyard. As soon as we stopped, we got the ladder, and brought it to the backyard. We did not know who should mount the ladder to put back the baby chick back to its natural home made out of sticks and dried mud for resistance. My sister volunteered to put the baby bird back to its warm nest. We had to wear golden yellow rain jackets to go outside. We got the ladder from my dad’s old yet powerful truck. We all grabbed the ladder while my tall sister put the baby chick back to its nest. It rained so hard that it looked like a flood. We all had to be careful because we could fall on the disgusting mud. My sister was almost on to the top of my damp house.

Although she was brave, she took her time because the long ladder was in a flood. It took a while, and our hands got tired.

“Hurry up!” we all told her at same time.

At some point, she finally got on the top. She was taking her time to place the delicate baby bird. All of a sudden she slipped! She almost tumbled, but we caught her. Then we finally placed the safe baby bird back to its nest. We finally said goodbye to the baby bird, and went back home. A couple of months later, we paid a visit to the baby bird on a sunny day.

To our surprise, it already had grown to a beautiful adult bird. We were so proud of it, and went back home. To remember the bird when it was a baby, we made rice once a month.