Amazing Kids! Magazine

Have Fun, While Staying in Shape!

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

I’m sure that we all know the importance of exercise and eating your fruits and vegetables; but, sometimes, the broccoli on the table just looks a bit too unappetizing to eat, and you’d rather beat your favorite computer game than play tag outside with your friends. As an athlete myself, I know the importance of staying healthy and fit so I can swim faster than my competitors in the pool. When those vegetables just don’t look too great, here are some ways for you to stay fit and have a good time.

Plan a neighborhood game of soccer, baseball, or another one of your favorite sports!

Whether you’re playing soccer or basketball, you’re often having so much fun that you don’t realize how much you’re exercising as well! Planning a game with some of the kids on your block is a great way to work out while at the same time making friendships with people who might live just next door. Plus, the game can be played practically in your own backyard, and a ball and some fellow players are all you really need to have to have a blast!

Join a sports team!

Most cities have some sort of organized youth sports league. Ask your parents to help you find a youth sports league in a sport that interests you. You’ll have a coach, a team uniform, and although the practices may be hard, there’s nothing like the joy of winning against a tough opponent. If you love competitive environments, then this is the thing for you! You’ll also be able to make new friends outside of your school and neighborhood where you’re surrounded by kids who are just as passionate about the sport as you are. If your team does well, you may even get to play in a championship game or two!

Organize a family stroll or bike ride!

If you live in a particularly scenic part of town, or your family loves to bike ride, there’s nothing better on a sunny day than to take a walk outside or a bike ride along a trail. This is a great, relaxing way to bond with your family while still having fun in the sun. Each member of my family owns a bike, so it’s great on summer weekends to try out a new trail that we haven’t been on before, take a few pictures, and enjoy nature. If your family enjoys hiking, find an interesting trail that would be fun for everyone to participate in. Some trails are a bit challenging, but once you get to the end, you’ll surely find a beautiful view waiting for you at the top.

Go to the fitness club with Mom or Dad!

If you live in a big city where it’s hard to find parks to play in and one of your parents is a member of a fitness club, ask them if you can tag along during one of their workouts. They’ll be able to show you the basics of lifting weights, using the exercise machines, and you may even get to participate in a yoga or pilates class! Fitness clubs are also a great place to meet other kids who might be enthusiastic about exercising. At some fitness clubs, there are special classes that kids can take so that they can work with an instructor to learn how to safely exercise using the many machines available.

Although exercising can be fun and very rewarding, always keep in mind that safety is still a number-one priority. Since you’re still growing, you’re not as strong as you will be as an adult, so it’s important not to push your body so hard that you may get injured. It’s always horrible if you have to sit on the bench because you broke an arm while you watch your team on the field, but injuries when you’re young can lead to health problems when you’re adult. So, whenever any part of your body hurts, always let a coach or parent know right away. The sooner you let an adult know, the sooner you’ll be able to get out on the field and play the sport you love.