Amazing Kids! Magazine

Helping Jingles the Kitten

By Mariana Aguilar, age 11, Richmond, California


It was Saturday night about eight-thirty. My 5-year-old sister Jessica, my 8-year-old brother Jose, and I were all watching funny movies and eating buttery crunchy popcorn and cotton candy that was fluffy as a cloud when my mom interrupted and asked me to take out trash.

While I was walking towards the trashcan outside I heard something – a loud whimper. I didn’t know what was out there. It was very late. I wanted to see what was there so I got closer and closer, but then my mom called me to get inside because there was more blue cotton candy. After a while I started to worry about what I heard but then I fell asleep. The next morning I went outside to check. A little kitten was on the back of a car.

I took the kitten inside and put it on a little table that my sister plays on. It was cold. The collar said Jingles. When I was watching TV it started to purr. When my mom came home I asked her if I could have a cat for a few days.

“Only for a few days,” she replied and took Jingles out to play and walk.

But people were putting out flyers. When I checked them, they were looking for a cat named Jingles. I tied Jingles to a pole that had spikes like a thorny rose and looked at the flyer. When I looked back Jingles was gone. It seemed like she went into midair. I looked and looked, but nobody saw a cat with a sky blue collar. When I was walking home from school some of the flyers were taken down. I looked at the flyer and began running. I was looking for the address that was on the flyer. When I got there, there was a little girl as tall as four feet seven inches named Katie who opened the door.

“Who are you,” she said in a brave voice. “I’m Katie by the way,” she shouted rudely.

“I’m Mariana. I’m looking for a cat about ten inches long,” I said in a shy voice.

We talked about getting Jingles a new home, but she disagreed. She wanted Jingles to herself.

“No, it’s fair. You left her in the back of a car with no food or anything to drink. It’s a kitten,” I replied in a higher tone.

“I’m the princess here. I rule, okay?” she shouted in my ear.

In my head I thought DRAMA QUEEN. She gave Jingles back, but only because she didn’t have her papers to prove it was hers.

On the way home I began to sneeze. My mom asked why I was sneezing. I sneezed all day and night. In the morning my mom woke me up so that we could go to the doctor. When we got there, we waited for about ten minutes. The doctor asked if I had contact with an animal that had thick fur.

“Yes, it was a kitten,” I replied.

He said I had to get rid of the kitten because it would make the problem worse. When we got home, I got Jingle’s things ready to go. My mom dropped me off at Katie’s house to return Jingles. I knocked and gave it back.

Before I left she shouted, “Wait, we could share Jingles if you want!”

My face lit up with joy. I was so excited and happy! I felt full of joy – nothing else. Now we are Katie and I are best friends.