Amazing Kids! Magazine

Helping My Mom

Janice Barrios, age 11, Richmond, California


One late summer morning I was passing by my mom’s room. She was lying in her bed.  She was wearing purple pants and a black shirt.  I also saw the baby that had his blue pajamas on.

When I went in my mom’s room, I asked her if she needed help. She said, “Yes”.  I asked her what she needed help with, and she asked me if I could bring her coffee.  Then I went into the kitchen to make her coffee.

When I was done making her coffee I took it to my mom.  When she was done drinking her coffee we went to the store to get diapers for the baby.  We went to Walmart.  When we got to Walmart we saw a man that was as tall as a tree. When we got to the baby section, my mom and I started to look for the right size.

Since we didn’t find any diapers at Walmart that were the right size, we went to Target. When we arrived at Target we saw a little boy that was as small as a puppy.  We went to the baby section and started to look for the diapers. We finally found the right diaper size for the baby.

After buying the diapers my mom and I went to the grocery store to buy food.  When we finally came home there were a lot of family members that came to visit my mom and my little brother. Since people came, my mom went to the bathroom to fix her hair.  My mom put her hair up in a ponytail.

After my family left my mom got a call from her work. They wanted my mom to go back to work.  Since my dad was there he told my mom to not go because the baby was too little.

Soon my auntie knew about my mom wanting to go back to work.  My auntie knew my mom had to choose between work and the baby.  Since my mom chose to go back to work because she needed money, my aunt offered to take care of the baby.  At last my mom said “yes” to my auntie.  So when my mom left to go to work she was sad because she left the baby with my auntie.

Since my mom missed the baby, my auntie and I told her that she could call whenever she wanted to check on the baby.  So then my mom called every day to check on the baby, making her happier.