Amazing Kids! Magazine

Helping Snowball the Kitten

By Pricilla Tesfai, age 11, California


It was a cold winter day at my house. It was around 6:40 p.m. It smelled like popcorn, eggnog, candy, and soup. Since the soup was hot, it felt like my mouth was on fire, and the popcorn was as crunchy as chips. Ten minutes later, everyone was getting tired, so they all went to bed, but I was the last one awake. A while later I heard a strange noise coming from the backyard. Everyone in the house heard it, too, and woke up. Although I was the youngest one in my family, they always made me open the door.

“Pricilla, go open the door now,” my mom yelled from her room.

“Why me?” I said in a furious voice.

“Just go do it!”

“Okay, okay, okay!” I said in a rude voice.

When I opened the door very slowly, I was frightened to see what was outside, but I was curious what the noise was. I finally opened the door, and as I looked, there was nothing until I heard a little “meow.”

I looked down and saw a kitten. At first, I thought it was a snowball because the kitten was really white and she was basically camouflaged with the snow, but then I noticed that it was a kitten and brought her inside. I picked her up, she was very cold, and I thought that she was the coldest thing I had ever touched. She was a white kitten, and her paws were light brown.

I ran to get her a towel to warm her up. So, I got the warm towel and covered her up. Now it was around 7:50. I decided to give the kitten a name, and I named her Snowball. My family thought the kitten was so cute that they all wanted to hold her.

“Aw, she’s so cute! Can I hold her? PLEASE!” my little cousin said in joy.

“Hmm, not now. I have to help her find her home,” I said.

I gave Snowball food and water before I went to find her home just to make sure she wasn’t hungry or thirsty. After that, I put on my coat and shoes to get ready to go. Right before I went out, my mom said, “Don’t stay out too late. If you do, you’re in big trouble.”

“All right, Mom, I promise.”

“Wait! Wait! Wait! Can I go please? I really want to,” my cousin said in a sad way, as if he was going to cry.

“No! You can’t because it’s too late and I really don’t want to watch you.”

Around 10 minutes passed of arguing with my little cousin, but it was getting really late, so I decided to wait until morning to help Snowball.

It was 11:00 a.m., and I was getting ready to help Snowball find her home. I grabbed her and a towel, so I could wrap her up in it to make sure she wouldn’t be cold. I went outside and started to knock on my neighbors’ doors. I asked them in a polite way if it was their kitten. Door after door, they all said no. An hour went by; I finally gave up and went home.

“Oh, my gosh, I wish I could’ve found your owner, Snowball. I am really sorry,” I said in a very sad way.

“Meow,” she replied.

Right before I was halfway home, all of a sudden, I heard, “Hey, that’s my kitten!” The little girl spoke in a very rude way.

I rolled my eyes and said to myself, “I feel bad for you, Snowball. Now I know why you ran away.” I laughed.

“Give her back right now!” she yelled at me.

“No, she obviously ran away for a reason,” I said in a rude voice, as if I was really annoyed.

“Well, she’s my kitten. Give her back. I have papers, so there’s proof, little girl!”

“I’m not little; I’m older than you, by the way. Fine, you can have her back…but can I have a moment with her please?”

“Sure, you have five minutes.”

Five minutes passed. I had to give her Snowball, sadly. The girl took her from my hands. I started to cry, and the girl saw me. “Hey, look, I’m sorry that I was rude. I should’ve gone up to you in a nice way,” she said.

“It’s okay. I was trying to find her a home anyways.”

“Oh, I got an idea. Do you want to be my friend, so we can hang out…and you can still see her?” she said in a very nice way.

“Sure.” I filled with joy.

“Oh, my name is Alison.”

“My name is Pricilla. Oh, and nice name.”

“Thanks, I like your name, too!”

So I made a new friend and still get to see Snowball. I’m really happy; even though I can’t have Snowball, I still get to see her.

“Bye, Ali.”

“Bye, Cilla!”

I finally went home. I told my mom everything that happened.

“Good job, sweetie! You made a new friend and get to see the little kitten still.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“Okay, go get ready for bed. It’s getting late, and dinner is almost ready.”

“Okay, Mom, love you!”

“Love you, too.”

I got ready for bed and ate. After that, I went to bed thinking about the day I had with a grin.