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Helping the Lost Dog Coby Find His Owner

By Ivan Torres Sabasa, age 11, California


I was in my room watching a scary movie. It was about 11:30 p.m., and my cousin and I were the only ones awake. While I was watching the movie, I was eating a lot of candy, and it was like there was a rainbow in my mouth. My older cousin slept in a different room next to mine, but when I go into his room, I usually don’t stand next to him because he’s so tall it makes me feel short.

I walked into his room and asked him, “Can you watch a movie with me?”

“Sure, I can watch a movie with you.”

We watched movies until it was in the morning. It was about 3:00 a.m., so my cousin Jonathan and I went to sleep in my room.

The next morning, my family and I woke up and went to go eat breakfast—until we heard barking, whimpering, and scratching at the door. When my mom opened the door, we saw a little puppy; it was so fluffy, it felt like cotton candy. We looked around to see if we saw anybody that could be its owner, but there was no one. We took it inside and fed it.

Regardless of how badly my cousin and I wanted to keep the puppy, we all decided to look for the owner. We looked all day, but we couldn’t find the puppy’s owner. We talked about whether we should keep looking or if we should look the next day. We all agreed to look for the puppy’s owner.

So, the next day my family and I looked for the puppy’s owner. It was so hard looking for its owner, it felt like I was writing 50 stories in one day. We were looking for flyers that involved the puppy, but there weren’t any. We wouldn’t have quit because it’s a puppy; a puppy can’t live without a guardian. “We won’t stop looking,” my mom and dad said. We were going to take care of the puppy until we found its owner.

When we woke up in the morning, we went to a pet shop to buy the puppy some dog food. After that we went back home to feed the puppy the dog food that we had just bought. So after we fed the puppy, we gave it a nice bath. It was so dirty that the fur was black and sticky, but after we gave it a bath, it turned white. We were very surprised by how dirty he was. After we gave him a bath, we went to look for the puppy’s owner, but my mom stayed home, and it was only my dad, my cousin, and me this time. We knocked on neighbors’ doors and looked for any flyers that could maybe have a picture or portrait of him, but when we were walking, I never noticed that there was a collar on him.

When I looked at the bright blue collar, it said, “Coby.” My cousin, my dad, and I were talking about the puppy, if we were ever going to find its owner, and if we should just take it to an animal shelter.

“No, we can’t quit on the puppy!” I commented.

My dad said not to talk back to him, but he agreed that we can’t and won’t. We started looking more and more until we found flyers. We grabbed it and looked at it; it said, “Lost Dog Please Help if Found.” Then we looked at the picture; it looked exactly like Coby. We were all happy we found a flyer that was for Coby.

There was a phone number. So we called it and someone answered; it was a lady. We asked if she was the one who put out the flyers. She said, “YES!” with excitement. Then we told her that we had her puppy and that we would take him to her. She told us her address; then we went to it.

We found the address, and then we knocked on the nice, shining blue door. When I saw the door, I thought that if I stared at it for too long, I was going to be blind. A lady opened the door, and when she saw the puppy, she screamed with joy.

We handed her the puppy feeling proud. She wanted to give us a reward for taking care of her puppy for her, but we said it was okay because we were really happy to help. So we went home and went to sleep because of how tired we were. My family was friends with the lady, and we were all happy.