Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Matt Sydney, Age 12, Connecticut


How do you want to spend your afternoon when you get home from school?  Doing homework? Absolutely not! You need less homework. You need exercise. Homework causes stress. You won’t be able to learn as much.  Homework is taking up too much of your time, and that is a problem!  You definitely need less homework!

A huge reason that you need less homework is because you need more exercise.  And how are you supposed to exercise when you spend your time doing homework?  Studies show that people who exercise get better grades than those who do not.  And if you exercise, you stay in shape, which is great for you.  Enough exercise can even give you a better mood, which will help you learn. My survey shows that the average pre-algebra student on the Innovators team has almost an hour (59.1 minutes) of homework each night. They also have something after school, such as student association or Hebrew school and that leaves practically no time to exercise.

Another disadvantage to homework is the stress that it creates. Studies have shown that homework causes stress, and that affects more than just school. It can be a problem for many things, and family time is one of them.  If you spend all of your time doing homework, then you barely get to spend time with your family.  Doing your homework holds you back from being with your family. When you are choosing to hang out with your family before you do homework, your mind is too busy thinking about what you have to do later. Sleep can also be ruined from stress created by homework.  If you were working on a project, you can lose sleep thinking that you might get a bad grade or you might be worried that you forgot to do something. Sleep is very important, and homework can interfere with a good nights rest. The stress and lack of sleep together will probably break your focus during class. Without sleep, you’ll be too tired to pay attention and listen to what your teachers are saying and because you had trouble listening to teachers, you might struggle on a test. Stress is a huge reason that you should have less homework.

If you spend all of your time doing homework, that will ruin your attention and learning in class you will probably be very bored from never getting time off.  After all, when are you supposed to relax when you do schoolwork even when you’re away from school?  You won’t be able to listen to your teachers as much because your mind is being too overworked.  Forty nine minutes of real learning are better for you than an hour and ten minutes of working without paying attention.  Also, your mind needs rest.  If you are working all day, then you will be super tired by the end of the week.  To maximize your learning, you need less homework that way you’ll be paying more attention at the end of the week.  You need less homework so that you can pay more attention.

People who think that homework is good will say that homework is great practice and you can learn from it.  However, neither of these statements are right.  If you need to learn something, the teacher will go over it in class.  He or she will not leave it for you to learn on your own if it really is important.  The same thing goes for practice. If a student really does need more practice, they can go to extra help, or ask their parents.  They might even give themselves homework, but most students don’t need the extra work.

Too much homework is terrible! Exercise is needed! It causes stress! You can’t learn as much! Do you want to come home from school and do homework?  No! You should not have this much.  Less homework is more effective.