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How Buying Organic Food from Local Farms Can Make a Difference

By Stella Prince, Nonfiction, AK Adventures, and Global Village Editor


In all of America, there are millions of farms. Some spray their produce; some don’t. But it is important to support the farms in your area that are 100 percent organic and not full of chemicals. I believe this is a serious matter, and if you refuse to buy bad products, I think the farmers will definitely come around eventually.

Just last week I spoke with the general managers, Ruth Molloy and Jodi Fogel, of the High Falls Food Co-op, which is an organic health food store in High Falls, New York, and interviewed them on the subject. The HFFC has been running for over 40 years and believes you can make a difference by protesting through what you buy.

“We first started the co-op because we wanted more control over our food supply. Most food was contaminated, as it is now, and we wanted to address concerns about our environment,” said Ruth. The High Falls Food Co-op first opened in 1976 and only sold fruits and vegetables from local farms and other vegetarian products. Now the Co-op has grown to include meat products, all organic and locally farmed, of course.

“We love our customers, and it really is a great environment. We like supporting local farmers and feel being a part of this co-op is a political stand,” commented Jodi.

Now the High Falls Food Co-op has over 25 workers when it used to only have 6. Most are working members, where you pay an annual fee and then work every week in order to get good deals on groceries. That is what a co-op is—you can work for your food. I think it is a great idea, and many co-ops have opened all over the world because of it. Stores are located as far away as Australia and Ireland, and many nutritionists prefer them to regular supermarkets. Over 10,000 food co-ops have opened up between 1969 and 1979 and have continued to flourish today.

It is really amazing to see companies go natural after realizing the power of consumer spending increasing in the organic market. Personally, I have noticed Campbell’s Soup and Newman’s Own change their tune.

So, please support organic health food stores rather than the big supermarkets. And also try to boycott companies that use horrible GMO ingredients. Who knows? Someday everything in the market could wind up being free of pesticides and completely organic.