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How Can Courage Change Our Lives?

By Daniela Santos


When was the last time you performed a courageous act that helped someone or yourself a lot? Maybe your act of courage helped someone or yourself learn something important. If you have felt this way, then you will understand how characters from stories such as “Water​” and “The Dog of Pompeii” felt after being courageous. These stories help us understand how being courageous contributes to one’s survival and the survival of others. In the following editorial, you will read more about how to be courageous and how being courageous affects our lives and the people around us greatly.

Before I go on, let me first talk about what a good definition of courage is.

The two main parts of courage are determination and confidence. How does that make me courageous? How will that help me? you might ask. Determination helps you be courageous because it motivates you to not give up. For example, if you get pushed around, with determination, you will stand back up. That is being courageous because you are standing up to whatever is bringing you down. Confidence can help you be courageous because if you are confident, you believe in yourself, and that can lead you to have courage. For example, if you have confidence in yourself, you can walk in front of millions of people and give a speech, believing in yourself. That is being courageous.

The last and probably most important part of courage is being able to see with your heart. You are probably wondering, What does “see with your heart” mean?

Seeing with your heart helps you feel compassion for others. No matter what they might look like, you feel tenderness towards them. This helps you have courage because it leads to more confidence and determination. For example, if you see the best of people in poor situations, you will have the confidence to walk up to them and help them. Helping those people makes you courageous. If you always act with determination, act with confidence, and see with your heart, you will become a courageous person. Use all of this to become a more courageous person. Keep reading to learn more about what being courageous can do for you and others.

First of all, having courage affects our lives by helping us realize things we never understood before. When you have courage, you can do things that help you learn. For example, in the story “​Water​,” Helen Keller learns to communicate by having courage. She has courage when her teacher takes her to feel water and tries to explain to her what water is. Helen follows her and shows courage by trusting her teacher and trying again—even though she didn’t want to. Another example would be how the character Tito had courage in the story “The Dog of Pompeii” when he walked around even though he was blind. Tito had courage because he used his nose and ears to “see,” and he could notice more things than all the other kids who could actually see around him. This proves that having courage can affect you because it helps you see things you have never noticed before.

Another thing to consider is how courage helps people around you. Your courage can help other people. In the story “The​ Dog of Pompeii,” Bimbi’s courage saves and helps his owner many times. Bimbi’s courage helped his owner when Bimbi went out and got food with nobody by his side. Bimbi’s courage saved Tito (his owner) after a volcanic eruption in Pompeii. Bimbi dragged Tito out of the scene into a dock. After that, Bimbi tried getting Tito a piece of his favorite bread and died in the process. Bimbi died as he helped his friend, Tito, survive. If someone had the courage to give up his or her life to save you, wouldn’t that make you feel blessed? Another example is from the story “Water” and shown by Helen Keller. You might be wondering, You said Helen learned something—how did she help someone by doing that? Helen might have not helped someone straight up, but she did inspire many people to believe in themselves. She taught us that you are able to do anything if you believe in yourself, inspiring many people. This is proof that courage has a positive impact on the people around us.

Finally, courage helps us in life by helping us achieve our dreams. When you have courage, you can fulfil your dreams. In the story “Bethany​ Hamilton’s Comeback,” Bethany Hamilton shows courage after a shark bites her. She has courage because even though a shark bit her, she goes back to surfing without the fear of sharks. Bethany teaches us that with courage, you can do something you feared or fear. Another example is Bud from the story “​Bud, Not Buddy.” In a brief part of the story, Bud tries to jump on a train to escape poverty. Every time Bud jumps onto the train, he gets pushed off; but does he give up? Nope! If anything, he does the opposite and tries to jump onto the train again. While Bud didn’t quite manage to get onto the train, he still didn’t give up. He teaches us that even if you fall down many times, get back up, and you’ll find a way. Another example is from the story “Seeing​ Things His Own Way.” In this story, Erik Weihdenmay is blind, but with courage, he manages to climb the highest mountain in America. Would you be able to climb a mountain without bravery, especially if you were blind? In another book, “Paper​ Son,” a young boy name Fu Lee needs to come to America to find a job to help his grandparents. What’s the courageous part? you might ask. Fu Lee had to come to America as a paper son, a Chinese immigrant who came to the United States illegally. Fu Lee had the courage to come as a paper son in order to help his grandparents. These stories teach us that courage can help fulfill our dreams.

Some people think that courage is not good. They argue that courage could lead you to do things that are not thought-out. They also say that if you do a courageous thing, it isn’t going to inspire anyone if you aren’t a famous person. They believe that courage can’t help you achieve your dreams.

However, in my opinion, if you do something courageous but you aren’t famous, that isn’t going to stop what you did from spreading. It will spread through your friends and family and inspire them, so they in turn do something courageous. Courage won’t necessarily lead you to do dangerous things. If you know the difference between courage and pure “bravery,” you will know where that line is and how to not cross it. Courage can help you achieve your dreams; Helen achieved her dreams of communicating with others through courage, didn’t she? Erik was able to climb Mt. McKinley through courage, wasn’t he? If they are able to do it, everyone can do it.

If you are a person like Helen Keller and you are blind, couldn’t you benefit from being courageous? Couldn’t being courageous help you face your fears and overcome adversity? If you are in need of money like Bud, couldn’t courage pick you up and give you the determination to find a job? Some of you reading this might have similar problems, and doesn’t reading this make you feel better? Do you feel more courageous? Courage can benefit everyone in the world—from the less fortunate to the wealthiest of us all.

There are many different ways to be courageous, but all of them lead you to greatness, from listening to your teacher and doing something you don’t want to do because it is the right thing, to giving up your life to save someone you love. Courage can help you throughout your whole life, and it will help those around you, too. One wonders why so many people fear the end of the world and the day they won’t be in it anymore. If you do something courageous, you will be remembered for it, for how you helped someone else. Having courage leads to change for the better—and now, my question for you is, What courage do you have?