Amazing Kids! Magazine

How I Remember

By Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor


I remember the past in many different ways. I actually keep a journal of my most favorite memories so that in the future I can reflect back upon them. I am also a huge picture taker. Sometimes, people ask me why I take so many pictures and why I am in so many. The only plausible reason I can give to them is that I don’t want to forget these special moments I’ve experienced. Most people rely on mainly their memory; in my opinion, the memory is quite fallible. As time goes on, my mind tends to distort the experiences. I tend to start thinking things happened that actually didn’t, and I also leave important details out. I’m not a huge story-teller, and I’ve been questioned that the reason I write things down and take so many pictures is because I want to be a story-teller – well that’s not the case. I am merely a story-teller for myself, and only for myself.

If you go into my room, there are pictures everywhere. My journal is on my laptop, along with thousands of more pictures (yes, thousands!). I love going back through my writings and seeing what happened dating all the way back to three or four years ago. It’s nice to have my favorite memories written down so that even three years later I can go back and relive them. The pictures also help me relive my memories. They give me assurance that no matter what happens in the future, I can always remember the things I’ve done and the people who are dearest to me.

While I believe memory is quite fallible, that doesn’t mean I don’t rely on it. Sometimes the experiences are just too much to write down. Either I’m too busy to sit down for a while and explain in deep detail or I feel they’re better off in my head only, so that I can relive them the way I want to relive them. Maybe I just remember fragments of that memory. For instance, years ago my cousins and grandparents came over on Memorial Day weekend for my birthday. We were throwing a huge party, and we have this tulip tree that’s right outside my window. Where my window is located gives me a wonderful view of the flowers when they bloom in spring. I remember distinctly that my uncle, three cousins and I were outside underneath that tree. It was one of my favorites – coming in second to the cherry blossom tree that stands right by my driveway. My uncle is really tall and he could reach one of the branches on the tree. He picked me up and set me on the branch, and I remember looking out over the neighborhood, feeling as tall as ever. I was a short little thing, and being up there made me feel taller than everyone, even my uncle, who towered me like a skyscraper. I remember the wind tickling my face, lifting up my short brown hair. I reached for a tulip flower and plucked it off the tree and held it to my nose. I was about five or six at the time and now I am near fifteen, and I remember this experience – without writing it down. The only reason I remember is was because I felt the feeling of pure happiness. Every time I look out my window to the tree, I relive that moment…I guess this proves memory isn’t always fallible.

Some people have different ways of remember things. Some keep objects from the experience – maybe a rock from a certain trail they hiked. Some keep a playlist of songs playing at the moments they loved best. I have my own ways, just like any other person. How do you keep your memories?