Amazing Kids! Magazine

Humor: The Bind that Connects Us

By Paul Ngu, Amazing Kids! Adventure and Global Village Column Editor


A cup of milk spilled. A t-shirt put on backwards. A simple word misspelled. In our daily lives, we are prone to minor and sometimes silly mistakes. While these moments can be frustrating and embarrassing, they can also be dealt with humor. Humor is the bind that connects us. When we share a laugh at our mistakes, we are bonded with a thread of understanding and acceptance. For me, that is the ultimate value of humor; it allows us to make light of everyday errors and to see our lives in a more understanding manner.

When one morning in a rush to school, I knocked over my cup of orange juice, I immediately thought of the precious minutes I would have to spend cleaning up the floor. I raced back and forth to the sink with a kitchen cloth soaked with juice to rinse off. My legs were shaking as I watched from my window the school bus approaching my street. Within a minute, I had tossed the orange juice-soaked cloth to the sink and ran outside to join the group of kids entering the bus. In reflecting on the bus ride on my morning rush to clean up the spilled juice, I realized how much unnecessary stress and worry I put myself through. While on the bus, I ended up chuckling to myself about my minor panic attack over spilled juice.

These days I don’t usually spill orange juice, but I do sometimes spill a bit of spaghetti sauce on my pants or put on my sweater backwards when I’m really tired and in a hurry for school. In each of my mistakes, I try to snap out of the potentially stressful moment and remind myself not to take myself so seriously. I take a minute to calm down, take a deep breathe, and smile at my carelessness. For it is the ability to see mistakes in a different perspective that enables me to find humor in everyday moments.

Humor, however, doesn’t always to have arise from silly mistakes. Kids may have a good laugh from comic books, classic jokes, and stories told by friends and parents. What matters more is not where you find the humor in life, but that you can appreciate it. For in our varied experiences, humor is the bind that connects us, from cartoons to stand-up comedy to spilled orange juice.