Amazing Kids! Magazine

Hurricane Strikes

By Jessica Johnson, contributing writer


Sunglasses on, dressed up in a lovely bathing suit, sitting out under an umbrella on the beach while sipping a cold fruity drink and watching the ocean waves roll by, sounds like a typical summer day to me. Let’s fast forward a couple months later, this time you’re wearing boots and a warm coat, ready to go outside and see your friends. You take a glance out the window and see the pavement and trees covered in white snow. As you step outside you can feel the cold air as you shiver with excitement, go sledding down the hill, and join your friends to build a snowman. Later in the evening, you gather round the fireplace for a sip of hot cocoa. The weather is a beautiful thing; it brings joy to people and is a big part of our lives. From being sunny to snowy, hot or cold, there is always a weather type that suits every different occasion.

However, like all good things weather has a bad side to it as well. For instance, one of the wackiest types of weather is the hurricane. A hurricane is a strong storm that has a fast wind speed. They form near warm, tropical waters. It is a long thunderstorm with heavy rain and strong winds that can be as fast as a roller coaster or racecar and in severe cases can be faster than both of those speeds combined. Taking a closer look you can see that the inner wind speeds are more powerful than the outer wind speeds. Have you ever wondered why hurricanes are named after common names? Like Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Irene. It is because this makes it easier to figure out the difference between each hurricane when there are many hurricanes visible at once. Recently hurricanes have hit Central America, Mexico, the United States, and other countries, killing in total about 118 people and causing loads of damage.

Do you think you are ready to encounter a hurricane? Can you escape or protect yourself from a hurricane? Sure you can! We can protect ourselves from any type of zany weather by learning and being well prepared. For example being aware of warning signs, having a first aid kit, and having safety procedures planned out, are all great precautions. As human beings, it is natural to love the weather but it is also important to know the bad forms it can take and make sure to have an action plan in order to stay free from harm. So go out there and enjoy the pleasant weather, but next time disaster strikes, you should be ready to face the dangers by being well suited for any type of damage the weather has to offer.