Amazing Kids! Magazine

I Believe…

By Isabella Taylor, Nonfiction Editor

I believe in giving things a second chance, because sometimes your first impression isn’t as accurate as you think. There have been a few times where I was quick to write things off. I did not enjoy my first time in orchestra, but now I look forward to it. The first time I tried a hamburger I did not like it, but now, if I don’t get a hamburger every now and again, I really miss it. In the case of poetry, my first impression of poetry was that of dread. I distinctly remember my first experience with poetry. In class, we read simple, silly poems that did not peak my interest at all. In fact, I thought the poems were utterly boring. From there we were asked to complete a series of fill-in-the-blank poems which were extremely tedious. At that point, I decided to write poetry off as something that I would never be interested in. You see, this too, would eventually change, as a week does not go by when I do not write a poem. It seems clear to me that I benefit from giving things a second chance.

This first impression of poetry changed after a second introduction to the world of Keats. I was hooked. I felt an instant connection to his words; “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” This quote of his really spoke to me. It made sense to me. I needed to experience more in terms of poetry. I began to lavish in his every word. I went on to “meet” other poets – from Dickinson to Plath, from Poe to Gluck. An entire world for me to explore had been opened up. I was transformed, smitten, and dedicated to this form of writing. I began a daily feast of letters, words and stanzas. I began to write at a furious pace. Poetry was flowing out of me like a river. Dabbling in sonnets, sestinas, free verse, villanelles and slam poetry, I found a new passion!

Continuing on my journey of writing poetry has given me an outlet for my soul. This opportunity may have been easily passed by had I not given poetry another chance. Thank goodness for giving things a second chance!! Second chances have allowed me to be more open to new things. First impressions are important, but sometimes they are only that. For me, it takes more time than just my first impression before I can form my opinion about the situation, or even a person. I do feel that first impressions at your gut level are telling in situations, but with more exposure you may come to learn something different. I have found for me that second chances have helped me to learn more. So take a chance, even if it’s a second chance!