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International Women’s Day in Russia

By Jessica Johnson, Contributing Writer


International Women’s Day is celebrated in Russia on Thursday March 8th every year. This holiday is to celebrate women in Russia and their many accomplishments. On March 2, 1913 Russian women held a demonstration in St. Petersburg where they demanded the right to vote. On March 8, 1917 another demonstration was held which became known as the start of the Russian Revolution. Emperor Nicholas II stepped down from the throne, and four days after this demonstration was held, and the provisional government gave Russian women the right to vote. Today the holiday is to celebrate motherhood, beauty, and spring. Other countries close to Russia such as Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia, and more celebrate this holiday as well.

There is often a gathering of friends and family with festive meals and drinks. Many times television stations bring back famous Russian women from the past and present to honor what they have done. Most educational and official buildings are closed on this day, so it is an official holiday. Symbols representing this holiday are spring flowers, tulips, lilies, and images of a mother with a child. These images often appear in postcards that men give to women on this holiday. It can be related to Valentine’s Day here in America, except gifts are given especially for women. Men often give out poetry, chocolate, gifts, flowers, and postcards to show respect and appreciation to women. Some Russian men even take household duties and wash the dishes, do a variety of chores, watch after the children and cook so the women can enjoy the day. Since work is usually taken off for this day, many companies celebrate the day before so they can honor the women in the office with cake and champagne during their lunch break. Not many Russians go out to concerts or movies on this day; they traditionally stay home with their friends and family to celebrate.

Like holidays in every country, not everyone celebrates this holiday in Russia but it is an important part of Russian tradition. Women look forward to the happiness and pleasant emotions of the holiday while men find it a good reason to appreciate what women have done.