Amazing Kids! Magazine

Judgment Due

By Qirrat Ahmad


Decisions that we make and do not make determine the course of our lives. They bring about effects that will change our lives either for the better or the worse. However, it is important to remember that those around us are also affected by the consequences. Being judged based on character is more desirable than being judged based on appearance, social standing, or financial background. Making one decision that may define your character for a certain period of time is an extremely tough burden to bear.

When I was in second grade, my class took a field trip to the cheese factory. I participated in many of the activities, such as feeding the cows and answering quiz questions. Soon, it was lunchtime, and we were all starving. I had a packed lunch that I was told that I should leave in the bus until lunchtime. I found my teacher and told her that I wanted to grab my lunch. To my immense surprise, she refused! I was flabbergasted and a little apprehensive. She outright told me that I should eat what everyone else was eating, pork spaghetti. Now, everyone at school knew that I did not eat any meat product because of medical reasons. When my teacher basically ordered me to eat the pork spaghetti, it sounded like a death sentence to me.

My parents had always warned me against eating meat products, and as an eight-year-old, I did not want to disobey them. On the other hand, I also did not want to defy my teacher and strain my relationship with her. At the end, I belligerently refused to eat the pork spaghetti because I reasoned that my health and submission to my parents were more important.

This experience affected, not only me, but my relationships with others. My parents were proud that I recognized my self-worth and the importance of clear decision-making. My relationship with my teacher, however, deteriorated. As I started to think about the reasoning behind my teacher’s decision, I came to the conclusion that she just wanted to exert her authority over me for no apparent reason. I lost all respect for her and withdrew from her since I had realized her true character.

I was labeled as a stubborn girl who was responsible enough to make judgment calls. This gave me a great deal of confidence, and I finally understood what it meant to stand up for one’s self. Till this day, I still stand up for what I believe in. While my teacher’s opinion of me was marred, it did not affect me greatly because my parents constantly reassured me that I made the right call, and that they would have done the same in my situation. In our society, it is practically impossible to please everyone, so I say that every decision you make should put your God-given self-esteem and health before anything else.