Amazing Kids! Magazine

Jumping into Junior Year

By Fatima Yousuf, Money Smarts Editor and Contributing Writer


I took a deep breath and slowly stepped into the large building as it towered before me. The bell rang, the sounds echoing throughout the halls of my high school. I knew then that I was officially a high school junior. At once, the crowds of classmates sitting on the floor got up and started commuting to their classes.

Junior year. It was finally here. The year I had been both anxiously dreading and excitedly waiting for. The year filled with SAT practice tests, AP tests, and just plain old tests. The year when the college grind truly started to peak. A year I wasn’t sure I was ready for.

I experienced a mix of emotions as I walked towards my first class. Firstly, I was proud of all of my accomplishments. I worked hard to make it this far, and I was excited to continue to demonstrate my abilities in a more challenging setting. But those emotions were dominated by a feeling of anxiety that perhaps the stress would get to me or that I had too much on my plate and I would ultimately fail.

Life is going to be filled with challenges, whether one likes it or not. Whether one is a wealthy and sheltered child, or low-income and vulnerable, everyone is going to face his or her share of difficulties. Despite the fact that we can’t control what misfortunes we have, we can control how we respond to such challenges.

Junior year is going to be hard, no question about it. But this year, I choose to give it my all. Whether it be homework, extracurriculars, or writing for Amazing Kids! Magazine, I choose to perform all my responsibilities to the best of my ability. This year, I will learn to say “no” to something if I don’t have time in my schedule, even if I really want to participate. Finally, I choose to be happy. I love school, I love learning, and I love to write. The fact that I am able to pursue all my passions is a privilege that I am grateful to have.

So as I continue junior year, I am grateful for the opportunities I have. I hope that the challenges I face allow to me to grow as person and make me more resilient. And when I look back on junior year, my main accomplishment through it all would not be the fact that I passed, but rather it would be the passionate, motivated individual that I have become as a result of everything I’ve done.