Amazing Kids! Magazine

Living Stories

By Isabella Taylor, Poetry Editor


What makes certain book live on forever?  Usually it will have a theme that is timeless that allows everyone at any era to be able to relate to it. Often the struggles of the memorable characters as well as their emotions are recognizable to the reader. Common themes are love and hate or life and death or an individual rebelling against authority. They are generally stories that we go back and read and reread with new discoveries.

One book that I find particularly fascinating each time I reread it is William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  The first time I read it I took away a love story of two people who could not be together simply because of the family differences. Upon rereading it I felt it was such a tragic love story with the ultimate sacrifice.  Rereading it more recently, I discovered the aspect of how revenge had lead to death on all parties involved. I know the next time I read it I will probably gain more and more insight. The story of Romeo and Juliet has been the premise of many other novels as well as movies.  For me it is truly a book that transcends time and lives forever.