Amazing Kids! Magazine

Memory Quilts

By Isabella Taylor, Poetry Editor


Capturing memories helps us keep a piece of the past with us.  There are many ways people hold onto the treasures of the past but one unique idea is making a remembering or memory quilt. Memory quilts date to the days of the pioneers (1800’s) as a way to pass down family history from generation to generation.  These family heirlooms not only serve as personal family history but also are decorative and warm! A memory quilt may also serve as a tribute or memorial to a loved one. Pieces of any type of clothing can be sewn in a patchwork pattern to commemorate the past. This can range from using your own favorite clothing or school uniforms that no longer fit to formulate a school memory quilt that represents your growth!  Today we can even print photographs on cloth and make a collage of snapshots as a quilt.

Memory quilts help you to remember the past, celebrate your family history or simply a happy heirloom for you to look back on. It’s a wonderful way to wrap yourself in memories.