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Mining Heroes

By Jessica Johnson, Contributing Writer


There are many heroes in our daily lives. They help us in tremendous ways and improve the communities we live in today. One of the many heroes of today is miners. Mining today generates the majority of energy used in our country. It provides electricity in our homes and fuels in vehicles. It provides the base for local economies in some regions. A miner extracts coal from deposits from underground tunnels, to refine materials that provide energy and other forms of assets. Miners must always stay alert and cautious to keep themselves safe as well as their fellow miners. Every time a miner moves down a large shaft, he is taking a risk. There are also men blasting the ground with explosives. This is a risk that can lead to death, and this is all to benefit the environment around us. Legislative acts were passed to help ensure safety of miners, yet they still face the risks of fire, gases and collapses. It’s hard to avoid these atrocities. Just recently in China, 34 miners were killed and 9 were trapped in a coal mine. Mining takes place all around the world. Mining is definitely a dangerous job, a miner has many responsibilities that they have to keep track of, but they benefit our society by generating energy and giving us important mined materials. Miners are truly heroes that are often overlooked. To be a hero, one must take a big step to help others, no matter what gets in his/her way. The next time you think of a hero, miners should come into mind, because they take big risks to make big improvements.


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