Amazing Kids! Magazine

Moments with a Soccer Ball

By Ricardo Gonzalez, Age 13, Washington


Always remember the good moments throughout your life. I have many things to tell you about such as good times and good memories. Do you remember that Nike T90 soccer ball that I still have in my possession? Yeah I still have it. It’s in a pretty bad condition judging by the appearance. Do you remember those great moments I have once told you about. In fact remember the time when we scored that goal and made that nice play. There is much to make you remember about the good times with the soccer ball. I will explain to you why the ball matters to me, why it is such a value.

My soccer ball shares special moments with me that I still remember and whenever I feel bored or have a bad day, I look at that ball it makes me remember the good times. I will share you a special moment right now. Remember that soccer game I had against the orange colored jersey teamed from Auburn, it was a home game in Renton in Lindbergh field. It was a tough and difficult game. Well the point is that everybody tried and tried but could not score a goal. My team hit the post twice and the opposing team fortunately missed a wide open shot that could have been a goal. Finally in the 38th minute, my team scored a goal and guess who scored and which ball was elected to be used for the game? I scored the only goal in throughout the whole game and also my soccer ball was used. This has to be one of the most memorable games of the season. Whenever I look at the ball it makes remember that day.

I bring it everywhere I go. Yes, it has been 2 years ever since I got it; somehow it feels like a great achievement. I always play soccer whenever I go to any place. Anyway you might think that ball is critically messed up after all those years of kicking it. I’m planning to buy an alternative soccer ball soon. This one time I lost my ball. I was visiting my cousin one day and my cousin showed some enthusiasm for soccer and he and I decided to play a little game 1 on 1. It was a while when we started playing and I never mentioned that my aunt lived near a road that brings in many cars from the freeway. In addition to that there was this part when my cousin kicked the ball above me, very high and I was attempting to kick when it was coming down, but instead the ball was blast over my cousin’s back yard into the road and rolled down the road. My reaction was cold I felt so guilty and worried. I knew for sure I was not going to sleep that night just thinking about the ball. Until a few several weeks came by and I was occasionally walking by my cousins house one day to go play with him until I spotted my ball near a tree. I was like my goodness, it’s my ball I knew it was not coincidence that all of a sudden my ball would end up right there near a particular tree this has to be a miracle. My soccer ball is a symbol of great luck.