Amazing Kids! Magazine

More Than a Friendship

By Savannah Mathews, age 17, Oklahoma


Having a best friend who is there for you at all times is a blessing.  Having a person who is there for you at all times to comfort you, or put you in your place when needed is something special.  Luckily, I was blessed with a person like that.  She isn’t just my best friend, but my sister.

Dailey and I have been best friends for what seems like an eternity.  Our friendship started out when we were eighteen months old.  We met at church in our bible class, and we have been inseparable ever since.  Dailey’s family and my family became such good friends that we began hanging out outside of church events.  Over the years, we have gone camping together, dyed Easter eggs together, had family game nights, and gone on vacations together.

The memories that I share with Dailey are irreplaceable.  We have laughed together, cried together, gotten in fights, and of course gotten in trouble together.  One of my favorite memories from when we were little was when we were both in Mrs. Lenaburgs third grade class.  Back in the day, I was known for having “Savannah Moments.”  These moments consisted of me saying things that lacked common sense.  I guess you could consider me to have been a tad bit ditsy in my childhood.  Whatever thought popped into my head tended to tumble right out of my mouth.  Every day in Mrs. Lenaburg’s class we would go sit on the reading couch after we had completed our work.  One day, Dailey, Colton, Shaye, and I had finished our work and were conversing on the couch.  Colton thought it would be funny if Dailey had a “Dailey Moment.”  Dailey was more reserved, and actually thought about what she was going to say before she said things.  She had a tad more common sense than I had.  To everyone’s surprise, Dailey did something she never did.  She passed gas for all of us to hear.  To this day, I have never laughed as hard as I had at that moment, and I have had quite a few hysterical moments in my life.

Memories like these are purely the reason I value Dailey so much.  She is reserved until you get to know her.  She is hilarious, crazy, and a bundle of fun to be around.  Dailey is also the most caring person I know.  She puts everyone before her self, and is extremely selfless.  I have quite a large personality, and Dailey is not afraid to put me in my place when needed.  I am beyond blessed to have her in my life, and wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world.  Dailey is like a sister to me, and I cannot wait to experience the rest of our lives together.