Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Jessica Johnson, Contributing writer


Applying to colleges in high school can be exciting, yet stressful at the same time. SAT/ACT scores, your GPA and more are taken into account and you have to make sure to fulfill all the requirements to apply to where you want to go. It’s important to remember that no matter what you should always keep your goals set and not let stress, or anything stand in your way. You might not have the best GPA, or SAT/ACT score, or you might have the wrong people surrounding you, like discouraging friends or even counselors. In my case, I had to deal with a mentor who was extremely discouraging, but it just shows that no matter what anyone tells you, you have the power to make your own decisions, it’s all up to you in the end, not them.

When I started to apply for colleges, I decided to get some advice from the career center mentor at my school. I laid out all the colleges I wanted to attend and showed her my grades. She immediately shot down some of the colleges, and told me I couldn’t get into them. Cal Poly SLO was one of my choices and she told me straight off “You shouldn’t apply there, you’re not going to get in”. She then laid out a new set of colleges, that I would have a better chance at. When I left her office I almost started crying, she literally shot down all my dreams in just that one encounter. I told my mom what had happened and she said that I should still apply and that I should never let anyone turn me down no matter what. I ended up applying for all the colleges that I wanted. I didn’t let the mentor get in my way. Once I finally got my decisions I was accepted to 5 out of the 6 universities I applied to and one them was Cal Poly SLO. I was so overjoyed that I had gotten accepted, I was ecstatic. I was never doubtful at first but after hearing what the mentor had said I felt like I wasn’t good enough and I felt like maybe I really wasn’t qualified. It just shows that you shouldn’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. Turn around and prove them wrong.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take advice from counselors or teachers at school, by all means you should definitely seek for encouragement and advice, but if anyone ends up shooting down your dreams or goals just know that you should do anything it takes to prove that person wrong, because in the end it’s your future and no one should take away any opportunity from you. In life there are a billion open doors waiting for you. By applying to the colleges I wanted, I opened up a bunch of opportunities for myself. Even though some of those doors might close, it’s not because of what someone told you, it just means that something better is waiting for you and one of those open doors is meant for you. Anyone can easily give up after hearing something that they feel is discouraging, but if you block that out and keep working hard towards what you want then, you’re proving that you’re a strong person and you’re building your self esteem. Don’t let the small things ever let you down, just keep pursuing your goals, no matter what obstacle stands in your way. Starting college is just the first step to the great road ahead of you and you can’t let someone/something ruin your chances, you have to keep going strong. This experience really taught me that your life depends on the choices you make, so make sure to always believe in yourself. No matter how absurd your dream or goal is, just keep following what you want to do. Whether you’re going to a community college, private university, public university, a UC college, a state college, an out of state college, etc. make sure that you’ll be happy with the choice you make and even if you’re not, you still have a great journey ahead of you, and many more opportunities to come.