Amazing Kids! Magazine

My Change in School Experience

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor


It all started in fifth grade when my teacher brought up the sixth-grade topic. The elementary school that I used to go to had next-grade-level schools linked to mine. I had no interest in either. I knew I would not be with my friends, but it was the best choice for me. I had told my decision to my parents, and they were surprised. They thought I would want to be with my friends that I have known for almost six years. I had chosen to go to NP3 Middle. I would have wanted the best education and opportunities for myself. I am so glad that I went to NP3 Middle. I had to tell myself to follow my dreams and do what’s best for me. There was less technology there, which made it better. It was a good change for me because I do personally better without electronics, as I am able to read and take notes faster with a pen or pencil. I have made so many new friends here at NP3 Middle, so many opportunities have come up, and all sixth-grade teachers and students have such a bond. It feels like a second home.