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My Dad

By Deacon McCarley, grade 8, Ohio


I was having a great day – a smile on my face, laughing, and just being a kid. I was in class, and I loved doing work in school – two minutes before the bell, looking at the clock, not paying attention. When the bell rang, everybody got up out of their chairs at the speed of light. I was being shoved and pushed. Everybody was acting like animals screaming and yelling “School’s out! School’s out!” I finally made it out of the classroom. I started to walk down the hall, where people in crowds were talking to each other. I was smiling and laughing as people were yelling my name. It was a great day.

While walking down the hall, I suddenly remembered the bus! I dashed out, knocking over kids that were in my way. People stared at me, confused, when I jumped down the stairs. I opened the door and saw the bus, but I didn’t stop running. I noticed how sunny and beautiful it was outside, in the middle of December! It was just my day. I arrived at the bus and high-fived the bus driver, saying, “Hey Bob.” The bus driver was nice but could be pretty mean.

Everybody on the bus was screaming and talking as I walked down the bus. It was hot and stuffy. I saw my friends in the back, talking and having fun. I came up to them and I sat down next to my best friend Jordan. Jordan was just like me: we had the same hair, we lived on the same street, we liked the same things, and we were almost like the same person. Jordan and I talked about how our day was. Smoke came out of the back as the bus started. The bus shook and then took off. I was looking out the window, noticing the trees waving in the wind.

When we finally arrived at my bus stop, I walked down the steps and started to walk home. I arrived at my house, opened the gate and closed it, walked down the stairs, and opened the door. I walked into the house and saw my mom crying. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, “Your dad died.” I stopped and didn’t say anything. At that moment, my smile dropped and my heart fell like a stack of bricks. I asked my mom how he died. My mom said that he died in Madisonville in an abandoned house. He was cold, so he decided to go into a house to find warmth. There he turned on the gas and fell asleep with the gas on: he died in his sleep.

I just stood there, said nothing, and walked away. While I was walking to my room, my cat was meowing. I did nothing. Once I was in my room, I took off my backpack, sat on my bed, and did nothing. From that point on, every day for a year, I sat on my bed and did nothing. I was so depressed. I didn’t go outside. The time I would get out of bed was to go to the bathroom and go to school. When I went to school, I never smiled. I stopped caring about school, and I stopped working. Each day – never one smile or laugh – nothing. When someone told me bad news, that bad news just bounced off my heart and came back out. I just didn’t care. My heart was turning to stone slowly every day. I started to become out of shape, but I didn’t care.

After a year of not smiling, not laughing, not doing anything, and not caring about anything, I started to get back on my feet. I started to work again. I still didn’t smile, but I was not being depressed and everything. I started to play football, because that helped me get my mind off my dad’s death. I started to laugh again and I was happier.

Something like this is depressing, so it just took me time to get better and happier. I still have times that make me feel down, but it’s a lot better than before. I’m now happy, and I do my work. But my heart is still stone.

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  1. Simon Butler /

    This was very well written and I can really see the lesson.