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My Experience In The South of France

By Stella Prince, age 14


Recently we took a trip to the South of France. As my parents are both artists, they decided to take me along on their artist residency program, located in the charming city of Arles in the Provence region, which is famous as the town where Vincent van Gogh painted some of his most famous works. We were close to everything— the famous city of Marseille, and the beautiful little village of St. Remy.

We arrived from Switzerland on a French train. It ran well and was on time, and we easily found taxis waiting outside the Arles train station. Our apartment was located on Rue de la Calade, a bustling street in the center of the city. It was delightful– with stone floors, well-kept rooms, and no noise from neighbors. Our first day in Arles was spent walking around and just getting a feel of the area. We had booked our apartment for three weeks!

The first day trip we took outside of Arles was to St. Rémy, where van Gogh lived in a mental hospital while still painting some of his most beloved works. Today you can visit all the places that he painted at, although they aren’t as incredible as they used to be. St. Rémy is a beautiful little town, though— lots of places to see. We had lunch at a beautiful little sidewalk cafe and had poached salmon with wild rice, and a lemon tart for dessert.

Speaking of food, I have a few places to recommend in Arles. Le Criquet, which was only one block from our apartment, is a charming and family owned restaurant with incredible pastas and fish dishes. They serve a mix of French and Italian meals. Plus, their lemon tart is also to die for. La Mama, which is also nearby, is a dream. The service is incredibly nice, and let’s just say their lasagna is one of the best things I have ever tried. It is a family owned restaurant.

Now ice cream, or glacies in French, is a popular treat. I went to a few recommended places and sampled some delicious flavors. Glacier Arelatis has the most fantastic speculoos, or gingerbread, flavor anyone will ever try. It is simply incredible! Another place I enjoyed was Patisserie du Forum, located next to the main square in Arles. They have stunning pastries of all kinds, as well as pudding. Overall, the food in the South of France is beyond.

My family and I took a day tour to the Camargue, a nearby nature preserve, our last week in Arles. We got tickets and booked it through the Arles tourist office, which can sometimes be helpful. The tour was, although a little long, beautiful in every way. If in the South of France, I highly recommend visiting the Camargue. Over a period of four hours, I was able to see flamingos, a beautiful beach and miles of grassy plains, and white Camargue horses.

So overall, Arles and the South of France is incredible. Try stopping by one of these days!