Amazing Kids! Magazine

My Friend Joseph

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor


I was in 3rd grade in the first term when my best friend Joseph got a brilliant idea to write a book. He had this brilliant idea about a science fiction story. It was called The X Legacy. It seemed interesting and it engrossed me so I started to give him ideas. He finally finished the book (which was 3 chapters by then) in the 2nd term.

Joseph was excited and gave it to the teacher for review and asked her if he could share it with the class and submit it for the school magazine. To his utter disappointment, our teacher disagreed with him and said it was too scary and had a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. Make a note that this was a free write and we were in just third grade, so of course we would have grammar and spelling errors. Joseph was really disheartened and disappointed with his teacher’s rejection. In addition, he felt humiliated because she said this in front of the whole class and all the students started laughing at him. I felt really bad for my friend.

After this incident, Joseph’s motivation to write went really down and he quit penning ideas. A few days later I asked him if he could continue the story. He told me that he ripped it out of his notebook. I was shocked and felt bad for him. I told him not to take what the teacher said to heart because he had a wonderful story and I liked the idea and setting of the story.

He smilingly asked, “Really?”

“Of course!” I said. “Your story was amazing.” His face lit up. I saw an ear to ear smile on his face.

He asked, “Do you think I can be like Roald Dahl?”

“Yes you will!” I told him.

Two years later, he was on Good Day Sacramento and was featured in Land Park Newspaper because his story was selected in a story writing contest.

I have been so proud of him since then because he did not lose his passion for writing and has penned down a lot of amazing stories. The thing that Joseph learned was to never give up, even if you don’t succeed at your first attempt. Also, don’t be discouraged by other people. Use their criticisms to push yourself to become even better.