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My Parents’ Divorce

By Lillian Murray, grade 8, Ohio


One day in the fall, my parents and I were sitting down and enjoying a family talk about what to do that day. Mom wanted to do one thing while Dad wanted to do something else. They started debating about what to do that day. The talk just fell apart and suddenly got very tense. I was confused about what was going on. The argument ended with Mom throwing a twenty-dollar bill at Dad and telling him to go do something. He wouldn’t take it. After my dad walked out, I looked at my mom and said, “You guys are not going to spl—” She stopped me from saying “split” because my brothers were sitting on the couch, and she didn’t want them to know what was going on. She said, “No. Never.”  I believed her.

A few days later, Dad started to show up less often, and more and more of his stuff started disappearing. Things became weirder and very different. I didn’t like this change—not one bit. A few days after, we began to only see Dad on the weekends. One day when we were at my aunt’s house, I saw most of my dad’s clothes and prized possessions there. His clothes were in baskets, and most of his stuff was in my aunt’s storage.

Adjusting to this new situation became very hard for everyone. On the day we moved our things to the new townhouse, I knew this was a new life and a new home for everyone. That day I felt happy for everyone, but I was also very confused and a little sad. This was a new chapter in my life. The day I came to Mariemont, I knew my life had changed forever. When I was walking to the school, I was scared because I didn’t know what the other girls and boys would think of me, but now I have made amazing friends and great, new memories.

This is still very hard to go through even though many months have passed by. I hated moving, and I hated losing friends from my old school. I never wanted to say good-bye in any shape or form. I never knew life would or could change in an instant—that I was just a snap away from a different life. It changes so fast, and sometimes we’re not even ready for it.

Now it is 2015, and the year is almost over. Thanksgiving is coming, and stores already have Christmas decorations up. My dad is doing amazing, and he is getting an apartment! I’m so excited to make memories and have dinners there on Friday nights. My dad also has found a very lovely woman, and she is a very warm-hearted person. I hope we can make lots of amazing memories together. I’m just very thrilled and proud of my dad for being strong when things got tough. My mom, moreover, is the strongest person I know. She has done an amazing job taking care of us with so much stress going on in her life.