Amazing Kids! Magazine

My Stanford College Experience

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor


As soon as I walked through the gates, I knew that I was going to love this campus. It was so beautiful, open, and enormous! The architecture on one hand was very Greek/Roman-like. Pillars supported tall buildings; there was a fountain near the bookstore and a giant church with stained-glass windows.

I felt a sense of responsibility as I was walking from and to my classes. I was here at this IVY League College Stanford, as I was accepted for the Stanford Splash program and was attending weekend classes at the campus like college students do during the week.

One of the most memorable classes was Mathemagic. There was a printing mistake on the class schedule, which read it as mathematics!

We learned all sorts of cool tricks and how to win money off of friends. The teachers were an engineer and a math teacher. He gave us all four cents and two half pennies. They taught us math tricks where you can fit a whole person in a note card by cutting it in a shape of a maze but not having any scraps when you’re done. We also learned about Mobius stript. We cut it in half, and there were no pieces of it split apart! It was a very fun class.

Another class I highly enjoyed was Performing Shakespeare. We performed little bits of Shakespeare plays. I had a comedy scene, which got a lot of laughs and chuckles from the crowd.

I also took the class on Topics in Global Health: “Why children get sick and efforts to keep them healthy.” I went in thinking, Since I’m such a germaphobe, I’ll learn why children actually get sick.

It was a very interesting class about diseases from around the world and which places have the most of a type of deadly disease. But as soon as I came out of that class, my stomach was in twisted knots. It was lunchtime, too, and with the food aroma in the air, it was making it worse.

Although the food smell and thinking of class actually were making me feel like throwing up, I still enjoyed the class.

In a nutshell, my experience was a memorable one, and if I change my mind in five years about being a forensic scientist, I will definitely go here. Stanford has changed my view of college campuses over the two days I was there.