Amazing Kids! Magazine

One Important Book

By Atticus Dill, grade 8, Ohio


I could tell my grandparents were here; the aroma of my grandma’s minty and old-person lipstick explored the house, and my grandpa’s snoring was rumbling the world. Every time I think of them, I remember vividly how they took us to toy stores, brought us doughnuts for all three meals, and told us Tom Sawyer with a twist involving us entering the scene.

I had just woken up and was really excited to have fun with my grandparents. I knew that my grandpa would be asleep until at least 10:00 a.m.; then he was going to get us doughnuts. So, I knew I could go to my nana’s room because she would do anything for me. She was the best human ever, and she would stop anything to just read me a story. With her getting old and being retired, she could be in Europe exploring Neuschwanstein castle, but she decided to come here to bring us joy. I left my warm, comfy bed at 8:00 a.m. to continue my tradition of choosing my favorite book and having my nana read it to me. I was looking for the picture book Library Lion. I examined my bookshelf. She had read every single book to me, and I remembered each and every one and how much it meant to me. I searched until I found the gray book that I was looking for.

Once I had the book, I had to find the little dolphin flashlight that she had given to me on their previous trip to our house. I looked in the bin next to my chest of stuffed animals, and under the toys and trinkets, I found the blue dolphin flashlight. I left my room and stepped on to the worn-out gray and tan squared carpet in the hall. I was creeping past everyone’s room and could tell all my family members were asleep. The only thing that was heard was my grandpa snoring downstairs; the only thing I could see was anything that lay in the light of my flashlight.

I stepped up onto the skinny hallway with the wooden floor and got closer to my nana’s room. I passed the bathroom and got to her door. As I opened it, I knew she would be awake. When I opened the door and saw her, I noticed that something was different about her, and it wasn’t just that she took off her lipstick for the first time in 20 years. It was as if she almost had this glow or had been marked; she had found her purpose in life, but I didn’t know what it was; and the only thing I wanted was to be just as perfect as her.

She was reading a big black book that she always was reading, with golden font that read in regular font, “Holy Bible,” and at that moment I started to wonder why was she already up and reading a thick book with no pictures.

She was so into the book, she didn’t realize I was in the room until I got closer. Then she said, “Hi, Ethan.” She spoke eloquently, and I ran up to her and gave her a gigantic hug

“Can you read me this book?” I asked, but it was more like a demand since I was shoving my book in her face.

She responded, “Of course, I would love to. Let me put my Bible away.” I waited patiently for her to unzip her hot pink purse and return the black book. I felt bad because she was actually enjoying this book that she basically lives her life by. She was constantly reciting verses and telling us to do what Peter, John, and Daniel do.

“Are you ready?” she said. Although I said yes, I really wasn’t because I was still trying to figure out what was the connection between this book and Nana; but I climbed into her bed, so I could see.

“One day a lion came into the library…” she started, but for the first time I wasn’t paying attention to my book, but more to her book, the Bible. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that her whole life revolved around the Bible. I wanted to ask her, but I didn’t want to offend her. More questions rushed to my head. I began to think whether the reason that I loved her so much and all the things she did for us were because of this book.

“But the lion didn’t come back to the library that morning,” she said, nearing the end of the story.

I finally summed up the courage to ask her, “Nana, why are you so perfect?” I was petrified and longed for her not to have heard me. My heart was pounding, and I couldn’t stop staring at her to keep reading the book and just pretend this never happened. I was horrified that she might ask me a question.

Thankfully, she was just as shocked as I was, and after what felt like 100 minutes of silence and staring, she finally responded, “I’m not; I just do what Jesus tells me to do.” I was frozen and felt like I was in shock. I wanted to talk more about it, but she already answered all of my questions in one sentence.

She finished up the story, and I said, “Thank you” and took the book back. As I walked through the sleeping hallway, I kept pondering who was Jesus. If she lived her life by one single person and was the most remarkable I know, maybe I should learn more about this person. I got into my bed as slowly as molasses and was trying to go back to sleep, but I kept having this longing to read today’s Jesus Calling. So, I got out of bed and looked through my bookshelf to find it. When I opened it, it talked about believing in Jesus. I couldn’t believe that she had changed my life by telling me that she’s not the ideal person; she just does whatever Jesus tells her to do.