Amazing Kids! Magazine

Our Dreams Connection with Our Future

By Paul Ngu, Amazing Kids Adventures and Global Village Editor


For many young children, wishes and dreams have been important outlets to express their big ideas and imagination. While most of us can remember a point in our lives when we wanted to have a certain job like an astronaut or firefighter, wishes also continue to play a big role for people of all ages. Hopes and dreams give us a sense of purpose and meaning in life, and they guide us in our actions. In history, we can look at two very special women who were able to transform their wishes and dreams into big and important changes in the world. They give us a sense of the application of goals and ideas and help inspire us to continue to pursue our wishes!

Rachel Carson was a famous ecologist and writer who was best known for her book, Silent Spring. Growing up, Carson had a strong curiosity in nature and the living world, and this helped give her a sense of purpose in life. Her interest in nature led her to pursue different jobs. She worked in the publication section of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, where she held several editorship positions. Her work and actions showed that her big wishes and dreams were to preserve nature and promote health. In much of her writing, Carson discussed about the power of humans to alter nature and the responsibility that comes with such power. In response to the increased use of synthetic chemical pesticides, Carson wrote Silent Spring, which challenged conventional practices at the time and argued for policy changes to protect nature. Although Carson faced much criticism, she was strong and remained true to her wishes and dreams. In the end, she succeeded in having DDT and other chemical pesticides banned. Because of her revolutionary works and arguments, Carson is often credited with helping to start and advance the global environmental movement.

Dreams and wishes don’t always have to be focused on one area. Eleanor Roosevelt, a famed humanitarian and First Lady, was involved in fulfilling many of her different big wishes and dreams. Roosevelt was interested in expanding women’s rights and social issues. First Lady, Roosevelt participated in many press conferences and wrote a daily column where she addressed many of the issues that were important to her. She contributed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which called for the right of life, liberty, and equality of all international people. Roosevelt participated in the women’s suffrage movement and helped to mobilize support for women’s vote. Her involvement with the Office of Civilian Defense led her to recruit civilians to volunteer for the war. She also traveled abroad to visit American troops. Roosevelt worked with the NAACP to help promote rights for African Americans. Her many contributions and actions show the application of her dreams and wishes for a more equal society.

Wishes can start with small ideas and grow into something much bigger. People like Rachel Carson and Eleanor Roosevelt were able to take the dreams and wishes they had and transform them to big changes in the world. Their hard work and actions show us the value of dreams and the importance of pursuing them.