Amazing Kids! Magazine

Preparing for Competitions

By Natalie Brady, Jr. Assistant Editor

In order to prepare for a competition – whether it being a sports, math, music, or any other competition – you must prepare yourself physically and mentally. Following will be some helpful tips on how to prepare for a competition.

To prepare for a competition physically, near the actual event do not work too hard. Maybe run your routine or practice a little bit but do not overwork yourself. Often if you work too hard or too much the day before the competition, people become overstressed and sometimes freak themselves out. In order to avoid this, think about your routine or practice but do not actually do it too much. This will save strength for the actual performance or competition. Also, the day before make sure you have the directions to your destination correct – you wouldn’t want to leave and then figure out you have the wrong directions or realize you have absolutely no idea where you are going. The day of, make sure to wake up a little while before you have to leave. This gives you time to prepare yourself. Make sure you have everything that you will need, and eat a nice, healthy breakfast to give you strength. If you are feeling especially nervous, you can pack a banana or two in a bag. Eating a banana has been proven to calm you down and make you less nervous and jittery.

However, you do not only have to prepare for a competition physically, but also mentally. In order to prepare yourself mentally, be sure that you know your routine or performance inside and out. You want to be as confident as possible so you won’t question yourself when the time comes. The day before, create a bubble for yourself. Do something you love to do and take your mind off the competition the next day. Eat something you love or do an activity you enjoy, watch one of your favorite TV shows or listen to your favorite band. This will put you at ease and let your mind rest and forget all the nervousness it may be feeling about the next day’s happenings. Before you go to bed, try meditating for a little bit, to make your mind even more calm. Make sure to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep, too. The next morning, remain calm. You should be confident in your performance and relatively calm. If you aren’t, try meditating a little more. Also make sure you have plenty of time to get ready in the morning so you are not rushing, because rushing winds up the mind and makes you on edge and less calm.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to prepare for a competition!