Amazing Kids! Magazine

Race Against Time

By Ramsha Aijaz, Age 17, Pakistan


“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”
– Anthony G. Oettinger


  • Catch the school bus on time


  • The cosy red quilt that makes me really sleepy
  • Robocop, my cat (We have named him from a blockbuster movie character “Robocop”)
  • My hairstyle
  • Finding my hairpins and sweater

Waking up for school is the hardest job to do, but catching the school bus on time is an even more difficult task. The schedule that I make up to get ready for school every night is as follows (NOTE: I never ever end up achieving my planned schedule)

6:15am: My alarm is set up for 6:15 am. I will exactly wake up at this time.

6:20am: I will change into my uniform and lock Robocop in another room so that he does not disturb me.

6:28am: I will not fuss over my hairstyle and just make a ponytail.

6:35am: I will sit on the table ready to eat my breakfast

6:48am: After eating my breakfast I will brush my teeth

6:53am: I will wear my sneakers, my bag and release Robocop from the temporary prison and rush outside my gate to wait for the school bus.

Now this is the schedule that I plan to follow but in reality things turn out to be really the opposite. My alarm is set up for 6:15 am. It keeps on buzzing at 6:15 but I am still lost in deep slumber. I am dreaming about great marks in tests gone horrible, getting into my dream college, becoming the best-selling author, getting elected as the President of the country and vacations in exotic parts of the world. At 6:30 am I hear a loud angry voice and I am trying to figure out the identity of the speaker before someone pulls off the cosy quilt. I open my eyes to realize that the loud angry voice belonged to my mother and the action had also been performed by her. Therefore, before frustrating her further I rush out of the bed, taking one last sad glance at my cosy quilt and finally opening my bedroom door. As soon as I open the door I find none other than Robocop waiting outside the door with his round black eyes that makes me want to cuddle him but I control my inner desires and rush towards the bathroom where Robocop is already waiting for me. I can’t figure out his early arrival but since I don’t have the time and energy to figure it out I simply wash my face and brush my teeth to get to the next lap of the race whereas Robocop is rubbing himself around my legs. After I have changed into my uniform I hunt for my sweater and realize I had placed it in my sister’s room,

I stealthily enter my sister’s room and hunt for my sweater. My sister is talking in her sleep and shouts “Don’t, you’re the Chosen One… Expelliarmus!” I giggle a little, and think she definitely has been reading Harry Potter last night and spot the sweater on the chair. I pick it and as I am about to leave I hear the bell on Robocop’s collar. I turn back to see Robocop approaching my sister slowly and as he is about to keep his paw on my sister’s arms my sister opens her eyes and screams. Robocop and I both get scared and although my sister adores cats she gets really annoyed if someone disturbs her when she’s asleep. I pick up Robocop and close the door still hearing my sister scolding me. I release Robocop from the grip of my arms; wear my sweater and rush to brush my hair. I take two minutes to hunt for my hairpins and then quickly tie my hair although i do spent one min or two debating about my hairstyle. The breakfast has already been placed on the table by my mother. I quickly munch on the breakfast and dash towards the bathroom to brush my teeth.

When I am tying my shoelaces I hear multiple horns of school buses and I am pretty sure I have missed my bus. Anyway I wear my bag and head towards the gate. I check my watch which reads 7:05. I keep on waiting for my school bus and at 7:16 as I am about to leave I see my school bus approaching. I enter the jam-packed school bus and get prepared to go to school.