Amazing Kids! Magazine

Resist the Fair Food

By Ethan Malafa, grade 8, Ohio


“Wake up, Ethan, we have arrived,” my mother yelled to me. I opened up my eyes languidly and saw thousands of people all around and so many rows of cars lined up in a colossal green field. Out of nowhere, my aunt and uncle pulled up right next to my family’s car as I was getting out and my family and I were ready to walk into the sweet-smelling fair.

I was trying to take the amazing scenery in, but I knew I had something immense nearing my future; it was the Ohio State Pie Eating Contest, and that meant I couldn’t eat any of the fair food. As we walked around, I saw delicious food that I wanted to have, but I knew if I ate them, I wouldn’t be set up for success in the pie eating contest. None of my family was in the pie eating contest like I was, so they seemed more jubilant compared to me, and it was so hard for me, especially after watching my dad eat a scrumptious funnel cake in front of my face. I went off on my own; and they were handing out free samples everywhere, and it was so hard to resist, especially with my empty stomach. To top it all off, we went to the dairy section of the fair, where they had what looked like delicious milkshakes and ice cream. I asked my dad if I could have a milkshake, but he said not if you want to participate in the pie eating contest, which made me go into the corner, sob a little, and think about why we couldn’t have just come when the pie eating contest began. I couldn’t get it through my head why everyone was eating this delicious food in front of my face; this was really conflicting me. It had been five hours since we’d gotten here, and it had seemed like five hours of misery because all I did was watch my family take in the delicious treats at the fair. It got to a point that I just wanted leave and get lost. This old man came up to me and said, “Want to try some fudge?” I just gave the man a look and said I couldn’t. Then the man asked why, and I just stated my parents; and then the man walked away, giving me a frown.

This whole day had been a real struggle for me, and the pie eating contest didn’t seem to be coming any faster so I could chow down on some pie. After the long haul, finally my father came to me and said, “Now you can stuff yourself with all the food you want at the pie eating contest.” Now I knew it was my time to shine where I could actually eat some good food.

I strutted to the tent where all the contestants and I were waiting to get up on what look like a mountain that looked over everything. The instructor eloquently hyped up all the people that were watching, which looked like about 300 people, and I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people watching me, which was scary. Finally, the instructor called up the contestants; we all walked up the stairs and took a spot on the long and giant table. Then the man instructed us to keep our hands behind our back the whole time and stated that the first one to finish the pie completely wins $200. So, the instructor yelled, “Three…two…one…”

I was off, and in my first bite, I slammed my head into the pie; and in my first bite I literally took a quarter of the pie down and swallowed it. My adrenaline was rushing through me, and I could hear my whole family screaming and cheering for me to keep going—and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t look at any of my opponents but felt I was winning, so I kept chomping down and repeatedly inhaling globs of food until my last bite. I swallowed, and the instructor yelled, “Open your mouth.” I did just that, and he ran over in my direction, took handle of my right arm, raised it high in the air, took two $100 bills, and slapped them on the table in front of my face. I learned that it was worth the $200 to resist the foods before the pie eating contest because I definitely wouldn’t have won if I ate any of those foods.

My family was proud of me, and I was so enthralled. The lesson I learned is you have to sacrifice to achieve because I sacrificed not eating any of the delicious fair food so that I could win the pie eating contest. Also, I will never forget when the man raised my arm, 300 people cheered for me, and I got $200.