Amazing Kids! Magazine

Simple Pleasures

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Column Editor


I believe that everyone in life has quite a few simple pleasures to enjoy. But only a few of those pleasures are the ones that we truly get happiness from. We usually forget about them because they’re either too small or we keep concentrating on the bigger ones. Eating ice cream, writing, and playing games are some of the simple things. Author Irene Catellani said, “It brings back the happiness of childhood and simple pleasures like skipping stones, playing in the snow, things like that.”

Well, there are many of them that make me happy, but my favorite is reading books. I read books to my brother, and he enjoys it so much: I love seeing that smile on his face while listening to me. Reading books is part of my daily life routine. For me, reading gives me a feeling of enjoying an ice cream sundae with hot chocolate sauce and nuts. It’s as simple as taking out an ice cream box, scooping ice cream, and eating it, except the ice cream is a book that I eat (finish reading) before it melts. It is such a pleasure, and reading inspires most of my writing.

In a nutshell, I would say that we all can find happiness in the simple pleasures of life if we open our minds and immerse ourselves in all the possibilities.