Amazing Kids! Magazine

Snowy Disaster

By Valeria Garcia, age 11, California


It was a snowy morning, and the snow looked like torn-up little sheets of paper. I woke up realizing I had a sore throat that hurt like if I had lava oozing down my throat. I also had a cold nose that felt like the inside of a tiny refrigerator. My nose was so red, my little brother thought I was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer but with a wig on!

Then I got my medicine and asked my mom if I can get some before I did anything else to make it feel better. So, I went to my room; I got a small cup that looked like one mice could use to have a little tea party.

“Mom, can I go outside?”

“No, honey, it is too cold.”

“Please, I would put four sweaters on!”

“Okay, then, if you get sicker, don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

I went to my room to get the four sweaters. I opened the door, and when I got outside, I felt very cold air and snow going towards me. It felt like if I was in a freezer. Outside, I could see colorful lights reflecting my neighbor’s window, and it looked like there was a circus. I followed the light, which led me to a park. The park was filled with people, and it was on Wonder Street. But, I also realized that it was around the corner. So, I ran to my house and told my mom.

Cough, cough.

“Mom, we should go to the park.”

“No, honey, you just came in coughing. You’re getting sicker.”

“Mom, please, can we go to the park?”

“Okay, but I can’t go with you. You have to go with your friends.”

“Okay, Mom.”

I got my phone and called a couple of my friends, which were Eloiza, Fatima, Layla, Melany, and Yamilett. The rest were doing their homework, and the ones that did come with me were finished with it. So, I went to the park, and I was lost. I called them again and told them to meet me in front of the snack bar.

“Oh, hey, Eloiza, where’s the rest of the girls?”

“I don’t know. They’re probably at the crapes stand.”

“Let’s go look for them then.”

So Eloiza and I walked, but they were not at the crape stand. We were looking for them all over that area, and then when we gave up looking for them, we asked the worker from the stand if he had seen four girls. He said yes and then said they went to the snack bar, so we went back and found Yamilett there.

“Hey, Yami.”

“Hey, Rebecca and Eloiza.”

“Do you know where the rest of the girls are?”

“No, I just know where Fatima is at.”

“Oh, where is she at?”

“She’s in the mirror maze.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Can you bring her?”


“When you get her, meet us at the bowling game while we go try to find Layla and Melany, okay?”


We went to a small cab that took us to any game we wanted. We looked all over the park for Layla and Melany. I saw Layla in line for blueberry cotton candy, and Melany was on the arcade section where there were so many people. I didn’t know whom to call first.

“Hey, Eloiza, can you go get Layla? And I’ll get Melany.”


“When you call her, meet us at the bowling game!”

“Ready, set, let’s go!”

I tried to run as fast as a horse, but I was getting tired, squished, and elbowed by so many people. When I tried to call Melany, I got hit in the mouth and then fell on the ground. All I felt was people yanking my hair and kids stepping on my leg and my ankle.

“Melany, come help me!”

“Rebecca, what happened to you? Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay? People were stepping on me, and little kids were yanking my hair. Now help me get up.”

We went to the bowling game, and we waited so long it seemed like 30 years passed already. Yamilett still was not there. We went to the small cab again and looked for them. They were all in mirror maze stuck and lost; I told them to hurry up and to stop playing, but they kept on bumping themselves on the mirror.

“Hey, Fatima, go to this side!”


“Layla, you go to this side!”

“And, Eloiza, you follow Layla!”

“Yamilett, you go there and then go there, okay?”


Finally, we all went to the Pac-Man game. We got cotton candy, popcorn, and six cups of horchata. I was going to take horchata to my mom, but she seemed sick. We all took a picture right in front of the park and got the entire games and snacks on the picture.

“Everyone say cheese!”


“I will never forget this day.”

I smiled and walked back home.