Amazing Kids! Magazine

Something About the Air

By Maeve Brennan


It’s quite a long way to the ground from here, I think. Not high enough for death, but most certainly enough for an injury of some sort. We’re on the ski lift right now, my two friends and I. We’ve come to Mt. Wachusett because we’re part of the ski club at school. I ski, and they snowboard. I notice how they always arrange themselves in a specific way when we’re in line for the lift, so that each time, they’re always on the same side of one another. They told me that it’s because they strap themselves onto their boards opposite of each other. So, if they’re sitting on the lift and they’re arranged wrong, their boards will constantly bump into each other’s the entire ride up the mountain. This time, I happen to be in between them, so it doesn’t really matter anyway. The lift we’re on is the one that goes up to the summit, so it’s longer than the others and gives me a chance to see what’s happening on the mountain. I notice that a snowboarder below us has just hit an ice patch, and he absolutely ate it. Now, he’s just lying there on the ground, almost like he gave up and is reflecting on every past mistake he has ever made.

It has been quiet up to this point, until my friend to the left of me speaks up and asks me a question. I answer her, and it sparks a conversation among the three of us. Throughout the conversation, I’m noticing how my friends’ emotions are shining through their faces. I can clearly see the sympathy and anguish on both of their faces when reaching a touchy subject. From their mouths down to their eyes, I read what they’re feeling. My friend’s soft giggle and her wide grin and the way her eyes sparkle are a sure sign of genuine happiness. And I hear my other friend’s boisterous laughter that I can’t help but reciprocate because it’s so contagious. From the nature surrounding us to my friends, I observe the world in ways that others may not. And I observe everything from all the way up here in the air.