Amazing Kids! Magazine

Successful Student

By Mario Lopez


Do you want to be a successful student? If so, then you should know meaning of self-discipline. We can all agree that at least once in our life, we have gotten in trouble. Self-discipline can sometimes lead you to being a good person. If you are a good student, then you are self-disciplined. Here’s why.

First of all, having self-discipline can make you a successful student. For example, from the story called “King Midas and the Golden Touch” he learned that there is more happiness in his family than in gold. But he learned it the hard way. For example, he wanted a golden touch, and he got it. But did he think it through? Everything was disastrous. He couldn’t eat or drink; when he tried, everything turned into gold. Then, he accidentally touched his daughter, and she turned into gold. While King Midas learned his lesson the hard way, you can learn it way easier than he did without facing it like he did.

Another thing to consider is being patient can also get you to be a better student. When things start to get hard, kids tend to get frustrated and quit. A good example is the story called “Peter and the Magic Thread.” He learned that he has to be self-disciplined on some occasions. For example, he wanted to marry a girl; but he couldn’t wait, so he moved time, and that led him to his death. But luckily it was a dream about the future if he took the magic thread.

On the other hand, some people would argue that you don’t really have to have self-discipline. But they are wrong—you do need self-discipline. If you just don’t care, you might end up like one of these characters. Sure, it is fun to follow your gut and do what you want to do, but you always need to know when to be self-disciplined.

For example, they say that if you whine enough, your parents will get you what you want. They would do anything to make you stop whining—like if you want to eat candy after bed and your parents know that it’s bad for you, but you still want it anyway.

This shows that in order to be a successful student, you need be self-disciplined once in a while. Who knows? Maybe one day we will lower the average of being a successful student.