Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Lauren Stiller, Age 12, North Carolina


The light, colorless seeds lay motionless on the soil. The winds had blown them there, and they could not move from the spot in the field where they had landed. More winds blew, but the little seeds were sheltered by the long, narrow grass poking out of the earth. Rain came and refreshed the seeds; the droplets pounding against the earth until they were buried in clay.

Seconds, minutes, and hours passed. From the spot where the seeds were buried came a small green stalk, its delicate tip barely poking out of the soil. With each passing day, the young plant grew towards the sky. Soft, elegant leaves sprang from the stem of the plant. The shaft soon reached above the grass of the meadow. Sunlight shone upon the body of the plant.

A quaint bud grew at the top of the stalk. Very carefully, it unfolded itself a little by little. Then one day, the bud opened completely and a broad yellow flower emerged from its folds. Its astonishingly beautiful petals spread wider than any flower in the field. Its fragrance filled the air with the scent of sunshine. Soon, its center was dotted with small, black seeds.

Winds came and blew the shaft of the flower this way and that, but it was strong. When the winds stopped blowing the seeds had been carried to a field, where they lay motionless on top of the soil.