Amazing Kids! Magazine

Talk, Listen

By Maeve Brennan


She’s talking to me because she knows I’ll listen. I always listen. I’m quiet and patient for her because I can tell that she needs it. Her shoulders are slumped and drained of happiness, like a balloon drained of air. The usually bright and glinting eyes that adorn her face are now dull and void of life. Simply put, something is bothering her and causing her to be in this state of distress. As I continue to listen and only listen, not interrupting the much-needed rant, I take note of everything she’s saying, and I try to process what the roots of her sadness could be. For now, I only need to listen while she talks and observe her for signs of what I might be able to do to cheer her up. At the end of this conversation, I know that I will have to offer my advice and help her to the best of my ability. In my quietness, I witness what I need to know, and I can come to my own conclusions. All she needs right now is someone who will listen while she talks. Listen, talk. Listen, talk. Listen, talk. Listen.