Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Cat

By Sophie Parker, age 13, Dallas, Texas


I have always loved animals, especially cats. Ever since birth I have had a love for furry pets. My cat Jake was the first pet I ever had. We did almost everything together. We slept together, ate together, and watched television together. I had always thought nothing would draw us apart.

Jake was an alley cat, born in the streets of Austin, Texas. My dad found him injured on the side of a burning hot sidewalk with a piece of glass poking through both sides of his paw. My dad rushed him home and cleaned up the wound. He tried to put him back where he came from. Jake wouldn’t stay. He meowed and whined until my dad let him get back in the car. Very strange behavior for an alley cat, so we have reason to believe his owners dumped him off on the streets as a kitten.

My mom was pregnant with a little girl. She hated cats. Naturally, with her mothering hormones she was not open to the idea whatsoever. She yelled at my dad to take him back, but Jake meowed in protest.

“Alright Thad,” she told my dad, giving up. “He can stay for now, but put up posters, and if anyone claims him, you have to give the cat back.”

My mom’s stomach grew, and the cat was not claimed. She went into labor, and gave birth to me. That night, my dad got a call from his mom about his brother Jake. He had died in a terrible car accident while coming to see the new baby: me. My dad was devastated. The cat was still at my house and now was there to stay permanently.

“Alright cat,” my dad said. “Your name is Jake.”

When I got home from the hospital, my parents said Jake loved me at first sight. As I grew up, he grew old. One day he was taken into the vet. The news from the checkup was terrible. Jake had a type of cancer in his bones, and it hurt for him to walk or move. The vet said he was going to die. I bawled my eyes out. I loved him! Ever since we first met, that cat had never left my side.

I started having nightmares of the possible ways he could die, him getting run over by trucks, him drowning in our pool, him catching on fire from the fireplace…. it was terrible. They finally stopped when he actually did die. He was somewhere over 12 or 13 years old, and he had lived a long life. I’ll sure miss that alley cat.