Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Day I Assisted Someone

By Alexander Zapien


It was tardy in the afternoon, during the summer of 2012. I saw some people playing baseball and soccer. I could hear the ducks devouring their food. It smelled like if a skunk got rand over. I was feeling nauseated.

I was riding my bike and then out of no wear I saw a kid needing help. He was a male, his age was six, his size was as short as a small chair, and his shape was round. His color of hair was shining brown and his skin color is light brown. His style was nerdy and his color of clothes was blue. His body language seems to be saying, “I need to go home.”

We were on our way to his house, but he didn’t know how to get there. I could see people passing the ball to other people and people jogging around the park. I could hear people breathing hardly. It was so blazing it felt like if I was in the desert. I was feeling sick, sad, and sweaty.

We saw a guy who wanted to help us. He was a young man, he was 23, he was tall, and his shape was buff. His hair was as a spiky as nails. His skin was light with blue eyes. His style was a rapper with black clothes. His body language seems to be saying, “Do you guys need help?”

I could see the waves splashing the rocks and some people watching the 49ers game. I could hear people screaming, “Go 49ers!” I observed the BBQ ribs they were making. I was feeling hungry.

We went to McDonald’s to consume food and then we saw a family member of the kid. She was a young girl; she was tall, and skinny. Her hair was as yellow as the sun, her skin was blondish, and her skin was white with blue eyes. Her style was a normal girl and her clothes were yellow. Her body language seems to be saying, “I know this kid.”

Although we had to leave my bike behind because her big car had a small trunk, I still went with them. Even if I left my bike, we had amazing time. She took us to his house and ate some more.

After, we took the little kid who got in trouble. The juvenile took me to get my bike and out of nowhere, we saw a friend of hers. Although I was so tired, I still went with her. If he wouldn’t leave his house I wouldn’t get to know him.

If you help someone you might like it, because you might make new friends. They might like you if you’re kind with them. It might be cool because you might help someone rich. Likewise, help someone for then they can help you when you need help. For example, if you need help the people you help might help you. Help people for they can help you when you need help!