Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Food Report

By De’Ajaneah, 14, Washington


There is this one special memory I remember from the 7th grade and that was when we were assigned to do a project about food, sports, and etc. My group chose to do a food report and my partners were Veronica and Kaylin.

Thursday afternoon in Ms. Wagner’s room we were going to shoot our first food report. Our food reports were on sweets and how they are “healthy” for you.  I brought glazed doughnuts, Veronica brought homemade red velvet cupcakes, and Kaylin brought double fudge brownies. All of us stayed after school and brought all the food to Ms. Wagner’s room. All of our desserts were placed in the Teacher’s lounge so none of the students from different classes can get ahold of it. Kaylin’s brownies were cold when we got there, so Veronica heated up Kaylin’s brownies in the microwave.  While we were standing there waiting for the brownies to be done, I could smell the aroma of the brownies blowing in my face, it smelled so good, I couldn’t wait to eat it at the end.

It was time to record our food report, and then Ms. Wagner clicked the play button and we began the video. We started out by introducing ourselves saying our first and last name, and introducing what we “made,” Veronica started first with her cupcakes. Veronica made red velvet cupcakes. She mentioned that her cupcakes were good for your facial and she showed them how it really does work. Then afterwards I went next, it was my turn to introduce again what I made.  Then while I was being filmed I sort of forgot my line, so there was a little pause in the film. Then I realized that I was supposed to pretend that my doughnut was a big o’ delicious earring that was edible. Right before I was going to put the big “earring” on, Veronica and Kaylin bellowed “No, that is not an earring.” Then I uttered “then what is it?” “It a doughnut, you’re supposed to eat, not wear it!” Veronica and Kaylin said astonished.

We were getting to the end of our film; it was now Kaylin turn to introduce her food.  She suggested that they have hot-creamy fudge inside the brownies to add a little touch to it.

Now for the good part! During the last bit of the film, Veronica offered us each a cupcake. The plan we had was that Veronica would offer us cupcakes and then we would smash it into Veronica’s face. So anyways, I got one and ate it. I pretended that I liked it, and then we got another one when Veronica wasn’t looking and we smashed both of our cupcakes into her face. We were all giggling and laughing saying how this is very funny.

Our film was finally a success, now all we were waiting for was to get graded for it. We cleaned up the mess that was on the floor and wall. We figured that we didn’t want the leftovers of the desserts so we suggested giving the rest of them to the teachers and placed them in the Teacher’s lounge. The next day in the afternoon when we were all heading to Ms. Wagner’s room, she told us that it was time to present our video to the whole class and when we did everyone loved it and laughed! They thought it was pretty funny, and we got graded on it, and we achieved an A. I was so proud of our group, for being the only one that actually did the video. Hopefully, we can do this again!

This was my most special memory I ever had because I got to hang out with my friends afterschool eat some doughnuts, cupcakes, and brownies and get a good grade on it.